Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dinner in the Summer Time/ Chicken Tenders and Gravy

Yesterday I spent the entire afternoon in the kitchen making some goodies for the pool party we were attending last night. I started with this recipe for Texas Chicken A delicious easy to make chicken tender and gravy recipe.I made this dish the night before and forgot to take a photo of it. The menu for the pool party was coconut shrimp. I don't eat seafood so I figured some chicken tenders would  be a good addition to the menu and a chance for me to get my photo. I have the photo the recipe is no longer faceless and the chicken tenders were a big hit. I cheated a little and made the chicken according to the recipe except I had plenty of gravy left from the night before so I shorten the cooking time and used the gravy I had left. I kept the gravy on the side so that people had a choice of gravy or dipping sauce. Remember the salad dressing recipe I put a face to the other day. Well I thought it was to spicy but Bill loved it and thought it was perfect. I decided to make it again with some changes to the recipe yogurt in place of mayonnaise and less ginger. It was much better and not as thick. The dressing was a smashing success. It was good with the chicken and even better with the coconut shrimp. (so I am told)
 I heard that one of the guest was bringing little hot dogs and dip. I was so happy to hear this because it gave me a chance to make the hot dog onion recipe that Lillian Russo shared with us. Hot dog onions. Like Lillian I love the cooked onions that you get from the hot dogs carts in the city. I was impressed with the recipe when I first saw it and even more impressed after I made and tried it. It was like I was standing in center city enjoying a hot dog fresh off the cart.

 The hot dogs were miniature pigs in a blanket and real good on their own, the onions just made them great.
  I wanted to bring a dessert as well and after some deep thought I remembered a dish that is incredibly easy to make and taste like you slaved over it for days. chocolate cobbler 
This has to be one of the best dessert ever. It won a blue ribbon and I notice on Just a that more then one copycat recipe has been posted. A true compliment to any cook. I have to thank Erin Latch for sharing this recipe it always makes me the hit of the party.


  1. I wish I was at that party! All your food looks and sounds perfect! And I know I would just LOVE that chocolate cobbler!!! Thank you so much for trying my recipe and for posting it in your blog! I'm so glad you liked it! (((HUGS)))

    1. I am putting that recipe in my must do again and again file. So much like the vendors onions. Yummy you get the 5 yummies award for that one.