Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dinner In The Summer Time / The Week End Of Heat Part 1

What a week end  between the heat and 2 1/2 days of Madeline I was absolutely beat on Monday. I didn't even have the energy to lift up my lap top,let alone write a blog. So that leaves me lots to write about.
 Saturday was the hottest day of the entire week end and keeping cool was a challenge for everyone. We were up and packed for the shore before 9am hoping to beat the heat and the crowds. What a lot of work and crap you have to pack for a single day at the shore with a child. It took 3 trips to get everything set up on the beach,at least we were early enough to get what would be called front row parking, for both the car and us. 
up front and close to the water

Looks like we moved in with all the stuff  we brought.

We enjoyed leftover chicken breast sandwiches and sliced peaches all spiced with sand,for lunch on the beach. Madeline is not a fan of waves and surf or sand for that matter so our trip to shore was a short 3 hour tour. We got back home just in time for the worst of the heat. We called his cousin's and invited ourselves to the pool. Lovely people that Mike and Chris are they graciously opened their yard and pool to us. We played hard for over 2 hours in that pool Madeline showing us how she can swim, race and float.

At the end of all this water fun and sunshine I look over at Bill and say I am not cooking or cleaning up from him cooking, I want to go out. Madeline who is concentrating on getting out of her wet swimming suit looks up and say's Friendly's I want to go to Friendly's. So that is how we beat the heat on Saturday, amazingly enough we spent most of the hottest day outside enjoying all that nature has to offer when it is over 100 degrees and sunny.

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