Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dinner In The Summer Time 07/06/2012

Madeline is with us for the weekend and the weather is working on breaking records for high temperatures so easy does it is the key for the day. Today we are going to take Madeline to the shore to beat the heat. Last night we stayed in the AC and played with the new doll house Dzidzia had gotten Madeline. That house has been sitting here for almost 2 weeks waiting for Madeline to come and play with it.
   While I played doll house and enjoyed a totally fun evening The foil pack cooked happily away on the grill not heating up the house in the least. I did use the stove top for about 10 minutes to make the couscous. It is always worth the heat for couscous. I mixed fresh mint, basil , tomato, and green onion in with the couscous let it chill for a while. When the chicken was ready so was the couscous. Since I was trying to spend as little time as possible on dinner and in the kitchen I kept the foil pack simple and easy.I used chicken breast, threw in the left over vegetables from the night before added another zucchini cut in large slices and a few mushrooms. Wrapped it all up and called it a day. The mushroom is the only veggie that held up to the heat and cooking time. The zucchini was completely mushy. 
  As always the meat was tender juicy and tasty. I used a Mexican flare when adding spices to the foil pack. The spices and the lemon ginger in the left over vegetables worked well together giving the chicken a real good flavor.The couscous was a very good  match with the chicken and all its wonderful flavors. 

While we enjoyed our dinner of chicken and couscous Madeline tore into her bowl of Mac and Cheese with gusto enjoying it as much as we were enjoying having dinner with her.

Dinner was delicious made even better by the company. I love dinners like this.

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