Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dinner in the Summer Time 07/11/2012

I used the stove and oven last night. The weather was comfortable enough that cooking indoors was no big deal. We are back to using fans and open windows. I love summer days like that.
  Bill had an appointment in the early evening and since I needed to go with him dinner was quite late last night. I knew exactly what I wanted to make and didn't think I could get a head start by doing any of the prep work before we had to leave. Now I think maybe I could have done a few things before leaving the house. It would have made dinner ready 30 minutes sooner if I had thought of this yesterday instead of as I am writing it now.
  I used the left over chicken breast from the night before(I hid it in the back of the fridge so Bill wouldn't take it for lunch,giggle giggle) All I did with that was leave it in the foil I wrapped it in to store it, and threw it in the oven at the very end to warm it up. I started warming it up on the lid of the pan my green beans were steaming in so it only needed 10 minutes in the oven. What I consider the actual main course of the dinner was the Mac & Cheese only I substituted Cauliflower for the macaroni. This is where I could have done some prep work earlier in the day. I should have prepared and cooked the cauliflower. That is 30 minute right there getting the flower tender. I made the dish just like I would make Mac&Cheese and it was GOOD. A few things I need to change up and remember but nothing big. Cauliflower doesn't soak the cheese sauce up like macaroni does so I need to cut the amount of cheese sauce down a little bit and make the sauce just a little thicker. Other then that it is a keeper.
Is there starch in cauliflower? Did I just manage to have a starch free meal? The cheese and milk are both low fat and the chicken was steamed,the green beans were fresh from the garden. This is about as close to healthy cooking as I seem to get. It certainly didn't taste healthy.
                                   Simply delicious!

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