Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dinner In The Summer Time 07/10/2012

Well the heat has subsided and things are back to normal(whatever that is). The AC has been turned down and the fans are keeping it nice and comfortable. Even still I didn't want to heat up the house so I let the grill do the cooking.
  Dinner took very little prep time and cooked for a little over an hour. I had issues with my foil pack last night and the chicken took longer then normal to cook through. Yes a foil pack and yes chicken breast. As I said before My darling husband buys in bulk so I am always challenged to come up with ways to change things and make the same thing different. 
   I was feeling a little Italian last night so in my foil pack went chicken breasts with garlic cloves,salt, pepper,basil, and oregano. On top of that I added half a jar of Alfredo sauce and then I sealed it up. Because of the size of foil I had on hand I used 3 pieces of foil to get it sealed. I put that on the fireless side of the grill, and I am not sure I had the heat high enough. It is a combination of the foil and heat I am pretty sure that caused the extra cooking time. 
  My one and only side dish was the corn casserole recipe I like to make. I changed up the recipe this time to give it an Italian flare as well. I used the other half of the Alfredo sauce and sour cream to make 1 cup of cream. I used red bell pepper,and  a tomato. I diced both of them into medium sized pieces. I cut the corn off of 3 cobs and used the same spices and herbs as in the chicken plus I added a few flakes of red pepper.I mixed it all together right in the casserole pan and topped it off with some left over breadcrumbs I had made a few weeks back for another recipe. I put that on the grill for 40 minutes and it was done to perfection. Bill tore right into that as my chicken continued to cook. That is one of the disadvantages of a foil pack you can't see in them to know your timing is right. Anyway Bill enjoyed the corn and it kept him from growling while the chicken finished cooking.Once the chicken was cooked I plated up took a quick picture or 2 and tore into my dinner. I was hungry and it smelled so good I could barley wait to get it on a plate before I ate. The picture doesn't show a lot of color in fact looking at the picture you might think dinner was a little Bland. 
  There was nothing bland about this dinner. The corn had the Italian flare I was hoping for with a little kick from the red pepper. The Chicken was as always tender and very tasty. The Alfredo sauce worked  well in the pack. It needed to be thickened up when it came out of the foil to make a good gravy, but other then that it was blow a kiss to the cook Delicious. 

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