Friday, July 6, 2012

Dinner In The Summer Time 07/05/2012

Last night I used an idea I got from the pool party the night before. It is not a new idea just one I never think of myself. I am not sure why I never think of it because Kabobs are always a good idea.The perfect low maintenance high quality meal I look for in the summer time. An excellent way to use the vegetables from the garden,(I just happen to have a zucchini and green pepper as well as a few onions on hand) and your cooking utensil is a stick.
  After much discussion I decided to put the veggies and meat all on one stick. I was worried the vegetables would take to long cooking and the meat be to well done. Bill was going to man the grill and he felt he could pull the timing together so I gave it a shot. I marinated the steak for about 45mins in a ginger and sesame salad dressing,and I used lemon zest and juice,grated fresh ginger, and about a tbsp of olive oil to marinate the vegetables in.With all the flavor going on in both marinades I didn't need to salt or pepper anything. I just randomly placed a little of everything on the sticks I had soaked in water and handed them off to Bill for cooking on the grill.

 Sorry that there is no photo of the cooked kabobs. I set 3 sticks a side that I thought I would get pictures of after dinner. Well when I got in the kitchen with my camera the kabobs had been debobed and were safely ensconced in Bill's lunch ware all ready for him in the morning. He didn't know I hadn't gotten my pictures yet. Oh well what can I say.
  The end result of our dinner was Yummmmmmmy. The steak was done to a perfect medium pink, tender,and so so tasty. The vegetables were fresh and crisp with great flavor. I personally would like my vegetables cooked a little more,but they were still good. The two marinades melded together so well  our taste buds popped with pleasure. 
 I am thinking like foil, kabobs are going to be my new best friends. So many possibilities and all summer to try them. I mean really what is not to love, it is a light healthy meal on a stick. No heating up the kitchen, less then 30 minutes in the kitchen doing the prep work, and best of all because it gets cooked on the grill and he is a man, he is waiting at the door to go out and cook them. Can you think of any better way to stay out of the heat?   

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