Sunday, June 3, 2012

What Was Dinner 06/02/2012

 I had a bridal shower to attend yesterday and didn't get home until almost 7:00pm. I did eat there and the food was very good,it wasn't dinner so I didn't take photos. 
 When Madeline and I got home I was hungry so I asked Bill if he had any plans for dinner,he said he wasn't sure if I would be hungry or not but that he had something ready. He had Burgers for the grill.(looks like this is shaping up into a burger summer rather then ribs) While Bill grilled up the burgers I did battle with Madeline to get her to eat some dinner as well. Real food as she calls it is not Madeline's favorite. So as I go through her limited list of food she likes,she is countering with things she likes better such as cookies,fish,and chips. So I say Mac and Cheese she says cookie bar, I say Chicken and she responds fish,(fish as in the cracker not the swimmy thing)this goes on for a few minutes before she makes a choice I can live with.
   I didn't take pictures of our burgers,I mean really how many pictures of burgers do you really want to look at. The Burgers were very good as usual served with lettuce, tomato and a potato bun. I did however take a picture or 2 of Madeline's choice for dinner,because well it wasn't Mac and Cheese or chicken it was something new to me. She asked for Peas. She did a good job cleaning her plate one pea at a time.

  And That was dinner on this date in history 06/02/2012. 

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