Saturday, June 2, 2012

What Was Dinner 06/01/2012

Uninspired and busy,dinner was a tag team effort. 
 I put the chicken leg quarters in a baking dish and seasoned with my normal stand by's salt,pepper,onion and garlic powder along with rosemary,basil and butter.After covering the dish and placing it in a 425 degree oven I left to do the shopping I needed to get done. I had put a few vegetables on the counter to be added to the chicken half way through the cooking time. Well Bill had different ideas for the Zucchini,potatoes and mushrooms. When I got home he had cooked them on the stove top first and then added them to the chicken dish at the last minute. Not exactly the flavor I was going for still very tasty. 
 All in all it was a very good meal that required very little effort. Just right for a Friday night!  

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