Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What Was Dinner 05/29/2012

Nothing like waiting to the last minute. As a brand ambassador for each month I have activities to get done. Always fun and normally very tasty activities even still I let it go to the last minute to get it all done. Lucky for me earlier this month I made a few of the dishes with out knowing they were on my to do list.
  Last night I had a dinner made from recipes found in the Cinco De Mayo hub in Allrecipe . Very good food and so easy to prepare. I picked a lime chicken taco and a spiced rice.
 For the chicken using the ingredient list as written I steamed in a foil pack on the grill instead of heating up my kitchen and standing  over the stove. I was not in any way disappointed in my decision,the meat was juicy tender and the flavor penetrated all the way through the meat making each bite a tongue teasing pleasure.   

 As you see I couldn't wait to taste that Taco. The rice is just as good and has a wonderful spicy kick to it. Because Bill and I like heat in our spice I added 1/8 tsp cayenne pepper to the mix but other then that I followed the recipe as written. If you don't like heat in you spice but enjoy the flavor of spiced food this is a dish for you with out the cayenne. 

 Yes this meal taste as good as it looks and was one of the easiest dinners I prepared this month.
  What a great way to complete my May activities,I love being a brand ambassador especially when I get to make and review dinners like this. Bill likes it too because he gets to eat all the great recipes I have been discovering. 
  Here are the links to the other dishes I prepared and reviewed this past month.

All I can say is Yummy! Happy Eating everyone!

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