Thursday, May 31, 2012

What Was Dinner 05/30/2012

Yesterday was a happy day in our house,Bill was called back to work. As we both hustled out the door to be on time for work neither one of us gave a thought to dinner. As we both hustled back in the door after work we looked at each other and gave thought about dinner.
 Bill voted for take out,I voted for cooking.I won! I found premade hamburger patties in the freezer,a sweet potato on the counter and a baby watermelon that didn't make it to all the cook outs. So I manned the grill and fixed straight up no frills cheese burgers served on corn tortillas(no buns) with fresh lettuce from Mike and Chris's garden and jersey fresh tomatoes.I liked the sweet potato chips Bill did so I made  them as well. I plated it all up with a slice of water melon and called it dinner.
  We made sure to think about tonight's dinner and something is defrosting as we speak.Call us crazy but we like to eat before 8 O clock in the evening.

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