Saturday, May 19, 2012

What was Dinner 05/17/2012 and 05/18/2012

Oops a day late and a dollar short. Yesterday was date night for Bill and I so today your going to get 2 blogs in 1.
    Thursday night Bill cooked again and I being less tired and grumpy took pictures.Dinner was cooked on the grill and in the oven as well as on the stove top. It seemed like Bill had every burner going at one point.
 I have no name for the dinner Bill made us except for 
  "Oh My Goodness This Is SO FLIPPIN GOOD".
 There was so much going on on the plate that it is hard to describe it all to you,but it all worked perfectly together. 
  Using tortilla chips with a verity of cheeses melted on them as the base of the plate Bill then added the salad right on top of that and then slices of the London broil on top of that ending it with sour cream and mashed avocado spiced similar to the meat.( he kept the spices to himself)
 The plate it self was pretty to look at and just made you want to eat it up,so I did.I enjoyed every bite.My mouth was just an explosion of flavor,as I said I don't know what to call this dish other then So Flippin GOOD.

 Because this dinner pate was so pretty I have to give you 2 views of it. Makes me hungry looking at them.
   Friday was date night. We don't have them often but it is always fun when we do.
  On this date it was a tour of the Philadelphia Art Museum. Always a nice time. For dinner we traveled into an area called Fishtown and ate at an interesting place called Frankford Hall. Very very good food an more then a little entertaining.
 The Restaurant and I use the term loosely is indoors out. I mean you walk into the building through a door and you are once again out side. To order your food you stand in line like a fast food place, after you order and pay they give you a number on a stick and you can then find a table and you will be served by waiters. The waiters stand in a line as well and like at a cabbie stand the next in line gets the next table. There is a fire pit in the center of the restaurant for making somore's or just to sit and be social. Beer and Wine only and some very exotic brews were on hand.
  I had a dish with a German name that I can't say or spell,it was simply flattened pork battered and fried served with a very tangy German potato salad and a mushroom gravy that I didn't care for and Bill thought was very good. Bill had a Lamb burger and fries with curry ketchup. He ate every bite liked his fingers and proclaimed it very good. I believe him.
  The view from our table.We forgot to take pictures of the food when it came.We were just that hungry.
  There you have it 2 blogs in one. I hope you enjoyed it. Happy Weekend Everyone!    

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