Saturday, February 14, 2015

Friday the 13TH My Lucky Day!

 Yesterday was Friday the 13th, one of the coldest days of the season so far and my lucky day. 
   It wasn't getting out of the teens and I decide I am going out barn hunting. For the most part I will be warm and cozy in the car only facing the elements when I had to get out and get the picture. Because barns are barns it takes me only a few shots to get what I want, so really barn hunting in the frigid cold was no big deal. I get dressed for the weather and get ready to warm up the car when I notice my phone has no charge. On a day like yesterday I needed to bring my phone with me just in case any thing happened. After all it is the 13th a Friday and beyond cold. 13 is my favorite number and I don't fear it on Friday's, but on any given day with temperatures like we had yesterday any thing could happen and being prepared is always better than not. I resign myself to a little delay and plug my phone in.
   While I was waiting I picked up my camera and took pictures of the beautiful flowers I had gotten for my birthday a few days before.The flowers are sitting on the piano near our back door. As I am picturing my flowers out of the corner of my eye I see movement on the bird feeder. I slowly turn with as little motion as possible,and after more than three years of chasing this guy around in hopes of just one little picture, I got this.

 It was like receiving a belated birthday gift or an early Valentine gift. Either way for me it was the best gift. 
   I was walking on air after Woody was so playful as he dodged my camera.I barely noticed the cold as I snapped picture after picture on my continuing treasure hunt for barns.
 Happy Valentines Day everyone!

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