Monday, January 5, 2015

Who Am I?


It feels funny to be writing a post about myself, I do it so much that a post to introduce myself is not as easy as it sounds. 
   If you are a regular reader or a casual visitor you all ready know I love to write, take pictures, cook, garden, walk, and that I have the most beautiful granddaughter in the world. I write about those things all the time. After all my blog is All about life, my life. I write the good and bad in my life and I really try not to hold back. 
  I blog to relax and because I really like to write. I have never dreamt of writing a book or even having an article published. Honestly that would be pressure more than enjoyment for me. Blogging is just perfect for me. I get pleasure knowing people read and enjoy what I write without feeling any pressure because I think of my readers as friends, people who will forgive the misspelled word, typo, and grammatical error, that occasionally happen in my post. In my mind as I sit writing my blog I see my readers curled up with their favorite beverage enjoying reading the words as much I enjoyed writing them.
  This month in keeping with the year of perfecting my skills, I joined Blogging 101. Each day we are given an assignment or a topic to blog about. That means I will be doing a post a day. I normally post 3 days a week on this page. I now have two blogs this one and one called In And Out Of The Kitchen. I have been actively using both blogs. Up until now I have kept all my Blogging U workshop activities on the In and out of the  kitchen blog. Not this time call it lazy or call it genius but I think you will enjoy seeing and reading the topics I will be getting this month. Instead of writing 2 post three days a week I am going to post my normal three days a week here on It's All About Life using the topics I am being assigned. I hope it will be an interesting journey for all of us.

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