Saturday, November 15, 2014

A week in recap

 Good Saturday Morning! I am sitting here curled up on the couch a hot cup of tea in my hand and a lovely warm fire burning in the stove. The sun is shinning bright and later today I will have Madeline with me. My idea of a perfect day. As I was sitting here organizing my day in my head I was thinking I had no post today to write, I really haven't been in my kitchen much this week. As you know I spent the first part of the week fighting with Avast and replacing my computer. The rest of the week was spent catching up with my photo assignments and really getting to know my camera. May I just say I hate this new Acer computer. The mouse pad is giving me such a hard time I feel like screaming at it sometimes, not that it would do any good. I will get use to it sooner or later. So any way while sitting here thinking all this it dawns on me it really doesn't matter that I didn't do any playing in the kitchen because we ate well all week and I am not a food blogger. I write what I feel and what is on my mind, meaning no matter what I have been up to if I feel like it I always have something to post. 
 Today I told myself I wouldn't be so wordy, well it is to late for that. Today I was planning to let my pictures do the talking for me. This weeks assignments were not as easy as last week but they weren't too difficult either. They certainly do have you thinking and using your camera in new ways. It wasn't what we photoed that was important but how we took the photo. We were using light and our ISO, shutter speed, and the AV to capture a feeling or idea. 
 I thought I would give a recap of my photography for this week and let you decide am I learning anything and getting better. 
 Monday was connection. Show a connection in life. Lots of photos were posted of people holding hands, a few telephone lines as well and some cars even. Me I was a day late to submit because I just couldn't think of something unique to fit the assignment. I finally gave in and went with my first thought when I read the assignment. 

It got a few likes and some encouraging feed back. I don't think it is my best work or most imaginative. What do you think.
  Tuesday was Landmark pick a landmark and picture it from different angles. Get low to the ground, try different spot to get the picture. 

I picked Kirby Mill and I am happy with what I got I just don't think it is sensational.  
 Wednesday was Nature. Again it was use the light and get up close or stand back to get the shot. I chose up close and as always I love this type of pictures and this one is no different.

 I couldn't help myself I had to post 2 photos that day. 

I climbed a tree hung upside down over a creek to get pictures so you know I just had to share.
 Thursday was warm, go outside and use the sun to light your subject and make it warm, or use other light sources to show warmth. I went for obvious.

 We had no sunshine that day and what is warmer then fire.
 Friday we worked with mystery. Using light and your settings to show mystery. I was clueless on this one. So I found a subject that could be a mystery and placed it on the counter under a harsh kitchen light. I used white cloth and back drop and then used my ISO, shutter speed and AV to turn the harsh light into a soft illumination. I used yarn because it is colorful and you never know what it is going to be made into. A non knitter might think how does the thin soft string turn into a sweater or mittens and a knitter would most likely look at this photo and wonder what they could make with that pretty skein of yarn. So there is the mystery. I like the crisp clean lines of shadow from the needles. 

I posted 2 pictures for this assignment because I couldn't chose one.
 Then I did a mystery do over because what is more mysterious then fire and my dear husband made a doozie of a fire last night. I spent 1/2 an hour with my camera setting the light settings in a dozen different ways. I took 55 pictures and had to pick just 1.

 It was the hardest part of my day. 
  I have learned so much this week about how to set my cameras light setting to get the mode I want even when the light is not there. I am no means an expert at this but I feel like I made big strides this week. What do you think?
  Have a wonderful weekend! Thank you for stopping by. 

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