Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Picture Walk with Madeline & Dinner

 Today I have a guest photographer. Miss Madeline my granddaughter took a camera walk with me yesterday. We visited the town of Haddonfield NJ in the early afternoon.

We walked until we thought our feet were going to fall off, stopping for a little lunch and then walking some more. 

Madeline likes and is interested in many of the same things as me and taking pictures is one of them. I handed her my old point and shoot and said take any picture you want.She started taking pictures as soon as we got in the car.

 I showed her how to zoom, and she was most interested in the flash. It wasn't easy convincing her she didn't need it. I did my best not to interfere and succeeded pretty well. Some things like the dinosaur she took pictures of every part and angle.

 Not a single person walking by didn't pause and at the very least smile as she worked at taking her pictures. Her stance while focusing is too cute. It was fun to watch what she was  photoing.  She shares my love for flowers, clouds, and pretty baubles. 

  On the way out of town I saw the cemetery and asked if she would like to walk there. I told her what a cemetery was and she was all for it. We spent an hour in the cemetery looking at stones and quietly walking in the shade enjoying the cool calm breeze. With every picture she would ask and who lives here. I would read the stones for her, every time she would pause a second a look of deep thought on her face and then click the picture was taken.

 She got a real kick out of the strange wording on some the really older stones. As I was taking her home later that evening we past a cemetery and she pointed it out saying we would need to walk there someday. I wasn't able to hold back the smile as I realized she shares my enjoyment of cemeteries.
  Back in the car on the way home she continued to click away including a selfie.

 Stopping at the grocery store for soda and milk the camera came with her, and with out realizing it Madeline had given me my What was dinner photos as well.
  All the pictures you see were taken by Madeline and untouched. No editing what so ever. She took 272 pictures and it was dang difficult not to post them all. The good the bad and the ugly everyone of them a happy memory for me. 
   As we got back in the car after the grocery store Madeline melted my heart and sent it soaring when she said " Didn't we have so much fun today?" That was the last thing she said on the ride home,because before we left the parking lot she was a sleep.
  " What Was Dinner?" I was trying to think of what to make for dinner when Madeline went to the buffet and started pointing out what she would eat.

 Dinner solved and when I loaded her pictures on to the computer it turns out she had my photos for me as well.

 Some times take out can be good.

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