Monday, July 7, 2014

Take A Walk With Me & Dinner

Hang on to your hats Ladies and Gentlemen I have a picture or two to share with you. Yesterday was Sunday and the last day of the long holiday weekend. Dzia was busy helping our friends rip up their pathway to the back yard, I wanted to do something a little more relaxing and a lot less labor intense. After getting directions I left Dzia and our friends to their fun and went in search of my own fun.
  A few weeks back I went with the guys to check out a bee swarm. While they investigated the situation I took a little stroll and investigated a little as well. What I saw was a cute little town with a whole lot of personality. I told myself then that I wanted to come back with my camera some day soon. Yesterday was that day. The ride there was a pleasure too, as I breezed past the sprawling ranch type mansions. Some of the driveways are landscaped better than the average yard. There are rumors that some famous people have lived along that road but I can find no proof of that. Still riding down that road always gives me a little smile. I don't aspire to live in one of those big beauties but I sure do enjoy looking at them.
 Arriving at my destination I park my car and prepare to take a walk. As I stepped out of my car and looked around me I felt as if I had stepped way way way back in time. Back to a time when city living was graceful and genteel.

 If it weren't for the cars on the road and the modern train that cuts through this little town I would have thought I had done a little time traveling. I am so glad I picked this weekend to walk here. The entire quaint town of Riverton was decked out to the nines in its best RED,WHITE, & BLUE finery. There wasn't a house or a building that didn't have at the very least a flag hanging out front, most had so much more then a flag. 

The houses are all from the 1800's and for the most part kept in the original style and condition. 

The lamp post while completely modern look like the gas lamps of the period.

 Riverton does it's very best to maintain the look and feel of the 1800's and a bustling river town. As I walked along Main street I truly expected to see ladies in long dress's with parasols to protect their skin, and horse drawn carriages in the street.


 Main street is mostly big beautiful homes but there are a few restaurants, an ice cream parlour, and a barbershop too. 

 I walked along the shady street feeling a wonderful breeze taking pictures of everything just enjoying the day. That is until I came to the end of Main Street. Dzia said if I crossed the tracks it would take me to the river. Well he is right and I wasn't at all ready for the beautiful scene I happened upon. I was happy before now I was ecstatic. 

Main street ends at the Delaware river. A river that I normally view from a far, like from on top of a bridge as I am going over it.

 I never knew the banks of the Delaware were so accessible and so beautiful. Coming off of Main Street just enhances the beauty I am sure. The boat house is in the Victorian style and with nothing but white sails in view it is easy to believe you have stepped back in the 1800's.

 Well except for the kayak with a dog on it that is. I didn't end my walk at Main Street I made a left turn and walked along the river road for a half a mile or so just soaking it all up. The waves gentle lapping as they hit the shore, the lovely breeze and the sweet smell that comes from fresh water all had me in heaven, relaxed and happy. The houses facing the river were even more grand then the houses in town, and so eye catching. I just stood there gawking at some points and at other imagining what it must have been like when the houses were new.

 Satisfied and with a camera full of pictures I turn myself around and head for my car and home. What a perfect day.
 " What Was Dinner " Dinner was lunch, and I didn't cook it. The cute little Mexican restaurant on Main Street caught my attention yesterday and I just had to have lunch there.

 Inside the tables are set with colorful cloths and then decked out in RED WHITE & BLUE napkins.

 As cute as the inside was I opted to sit out front and enjoy the breeze. I ordered Beef Enchiladas and a soda. That is exactly what I got no extras like rice or beans just 2 Enchiladas covered in a bland sauce, lettuce, and cheese. The beef was very tender with a nice flavor but nothing over the top. I used the green chili sauce that came with chips to spice the Enchiladas up just a little bit.

 I felt for the price I paid the food should have been beyond good in fact it should have been great. I didn't have a lot of cash in my pocket but what I had in most Mexican restaurants would have covered that meal including rice and beans, as well as a tip and a few dollars leftover. Well I had to dig change out of the bottom of my purse for the tip and I was so embarrassed about it. I dislike very much under tipping, there was just nothing I could do about it. I apologized and contented myself with the fact I did the best I could under the circumstances. Even over priced and bland my lunch was enjoyable simply because of my surroundings.
  Have a cheery Monday! Thank you for stopping by.     


  1. Jo Jo, we had a similar experience with our dining on the 4th. We weren't happy with the service and most of us got meals that were not great. I couldn't write about it because I just didn't have a good experience. I probably won't go back either and will find a different place to eat when we go visit Grumpy's family again. We enjoyed the St. Lawrence River on our vacation, scenery is beautiful and weather was perfect. We didn't get to see fireworks, but that didn't matter much, we got to spend family time!

    1. Yes I won't go back just to pricey and not good enough for the price, but I had good service and I loved the atmosphere. I missed the fireworks this year as well, but at least I got one BBQ in and spent a nice time with friends and family.

  2. I may sound like a broken record but...another awesome blog and awesome photos! Joey I hope some day you can make some extra income with your camera. You have mastered it well.

    1. I will never get tired of hearing your compliments bd. Thank you. I hope someday I find a way to use my camera to earn an income, and have it still be as fun as it is now. Thanks for reading my posts. :)