Saturday, February 8, 2014

Birds Birds Dish Towels & Dinner

 It took me all morning and the first part of the afternoon but I got the picture I wanted. I took 38 pictures out my living room window of yellow Finches on the bird feeder, not a bad picture in the bunch. It certainly didn't make choosing pictures for this blog very easy. I set the camera up on the tripod and placed it in front of the couch, I set it up focused it and adjusted all the setting, then I sat and waited. I was getting discouraged as the morning wore on because every time the birds would land some one in the house would move and the birds would scatter or the phone would ring. You get the idea. Our friend stops by and the Finches are out in force after I move my camera to let Rich have a seat. After a few minutes Rich moves and I put the camera back in front of the couch and wait to see if the birds that just scattered will come back. They did come back. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much we enjoyed watching the mass feeding.

   In one of my Fiesta groups for the fun of it we had a dish towel exchange. I got my towel today in the mail. It is so pretty and comes with a story. The card that accompanied the towel is art work done by the gifters Grandma in law. Very pretty and a perfect match for a Fiesta kitchen. I am going to frame the card and hang it in the kitchen.

 Every time I use the towel or look at the card I am sure I will smile and think of my Fiesta friend.
  "What Was Dinner"?  Dinner was no prep work, no cooking, no serving, and no clean up. Yep that is correct the Olive Garden was dinner last night. It had been a long time since we had been there and I was in the mood for Italian. The Olive Garden is a very good restaurant pretty to look at extremely clean and really good food at a fair price. I am surprised we don't go there more often.
   I have a house to finish cleaning and a phone case to pick up. Tomorrow is the big Birthday Sunday dinner.
    I hope your weekend is going well. Thank you for stopping by.  

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