Monday, June 10, 2013


As you see I am re working this blog. As much as I enjoy cooking and recipe hunting I wanted a little freedom to write about other things without having to go to the other blogs I have. In life I am trying to condense and be more compact making it easier to locate and reach what ever I may be looking for and in my blog I want to do the same thing. Sort of like one stop shopping only you don't know what your are going to get.
   I really don't know what I want to write about all I know is that I want to write. I paid a whole dollar for a book called the writing craft. It has some interesting little things in it about how to get started writing it is a little wordy for my taste but I will just skim over what I already know and what bores me. The book gives assignments to do and the first one is to write about a special moment in your life, what shaped your life, after sleeping on it all night and thinking about it I drew a blank so I thought well heck when I wrote about food I didn't plan it out and think about it I just started writing and the words came. So just start writing I tell myself only to realize now as I am writing I always had a subject at least to get me started, today I have no subject and only the inkling of an idea to get me started, but I have written 2 paragraphs about nothing and it just feels so good to write something.
  Last weekend we had the pleasure of Madeline's company. She attended the first ever annual New Jersey/East Coast Allrecipeeps round up on the beach in Cape May. She was the official photographer and she did an awesome job.
 This is a sample of her work, the beach was stone not sand and stones are her absolute favorite so she felt inclined to take a picture of it. All that see this agree it is a framer for sure. We also picked strawberries out back in the sun shine, and we ended the weekend BBQing with my kids.
  Every sunny day last week I was out back weeding the garden and picking Strawberries. I would pick them bring them in clean them slice them and then freeze them. My freezer was getting full and I still had more to pick and to be honest I was getting bored with freezing the berries so I decided it was time to step out of my boring comfort zone and try something I said I was going to do this year. Canning! So I made jam. I am pretty sure that is considered canning? Anyway the results were great and I am all pumped to do some more. How ever the strawberries are slowing down and I needed to wait a day for what is left on the plants to ripen up the rest of the way. I figured they would be ready to pick today and I am sure they are only it is raining so hard now you need a boat to get out back.
With a little luck the rain will stop soon and the sun will come back out to play. Then watch out berries here I come.
   This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending a very special friends wedding. It was as beautiful as she is. The words China Doll escaped my husbands lips as the Bride made her way to her groom. The doorway they stood in front of to say their vows was made by the groom and adorned with vases and wash tubs filled with flowers all loving done by the brides mother. We drank, we ate, we danced,& laughed but most of all we wish the handsome couple a long life of love and happiness.
This week begins with rain and tourist. My Brother Joe and his Wife Julie are here for the week. With any luck at all this rainy Monday will be the only rain they see this week. 

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