Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dinner in the Summer Time/ At last the kitchen is clean

Yep look for yourself at long last you can see my kitchen counters and the bottom of the kitchen sink. To keep it clean for more then 5 minutes I cleaned the kitchen after Bill went to bed. I am not saying he is the reason my kitchen is a mess,but it always seems to happen that just as I finish cleaning that room he comes in and dishes magically appear in the sink. 
  I didn't do any face less recipes yesterday I  chose instead to make a ready in 20 minutes dinner that required little to no effort. It took longer to get the picture of dinner then it took to make. Bill was on round 2 when I came back inside with my plate.I got a good picture so it was worth the wait. Tacos from a box that is what I made. you know the kind, brown your beef add onion and the seasoning packet simmer for 10 minutes and you have dinner. A dinner that every one loves. Just right for a lazy Saturday night.

Not bad huh. I love a good taco and these were really good. I didn't do the piggy rating because well they are out of a box and not a recipe. I don't think I have ever had a bad taco from a box. All the taco kits seem to be the same if you like one you like them all.
It was so nice waking up to a nice clean kitchen this morning, but now it is afternoon and time for me to find some faceless recipes to put a face on and mess up my kitchen once again.
 Don't get me wrong I clean my kitchen all the time it just doesn't seem to stay that way. I do the dishes and wipe down the counters after dinner and the next morning when I get up there are dishes in the sink and coffee splashes on the counter. I clean that up and before I can blink it is like a bomb hit the kitchen. A bomb named Joey Joan with a computer full of faceless recipes to make.

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