Monday, June 18, 2012

What Was New at Dinner 06/17/18

Bill started dinner while I finished up working on Madeline's Birthday presents. I wish I could say I was done,no such luck. I have some more sewing today and hopefully it will go smoother today then yesterday.That however is for another blog. Once the chicken breasts where baked and out of the oven I took over. There wasn't anything new at dinner last night,still it was different. When I walked in the kitchen there was lightly breaded chicken resting on the stove top, left over corn on the cob warming in the cooling oven, and lettuce with fresh tomato sitting in a bowl waiting to become a salad.
That is just what I did I turned everything I found into a delicious Dinner Salad. While chicken salad is not new you have to admit chicken salad with no extras like potatoes or bread being served at my dinner table is certainly different. In many ways the light dinner we enjoyed last night is more difficult for me to accomplish then the hardest recipe ever made.
 Not a bad start to the week at all, in fact a  tasty start and no cream was seen.Hehehe 

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