Monday, May 21, 2012

What was Dinner 05/20/2012

Yesterday I took my self to the shore. I do that once in a while go by my self to the beach and enjoy.I took a slow easy walk up and down the board walk and then after collecting my beach chair from the car I sit down in the sand to read my kindle.
 The weather was cool to warm and very sunny. I don't notice until I get home that the 3 hrs reading on the beach has earned me one very bad sun burn, I don't think I have ever been burned this bad.
  I hurt to bad to think I want to cook dinner and Bill well he doesn't want to cook either. We are both hungry and take out is not what we want....So we go with our old stand by....
  Roasted Chicken with root vegetables. All in one pan and cooked all at once. What could be easier.
 Yes I used the Honey butter I have left from last month on my potato. It was all very good.

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