Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What Was Dinner 05/08/2012

Our most favorite pork chop dinner has to be a recipe that my friend Lillian Russo shared with me and a recipe club she and I belong to.

Lillian and I love love love a good pork chop dish and this recipe is my all time favorite.
    I prepare this recipe just as it is written and enjoy every tasty morsel.
          Tonight along with the pork chops I served spinach and my blue ribbon Couscous salad. I don't love love love spinach but it is very good when you top it with cheese and a little of the pork chop gravy.(Just thinking about last nights dinner is making my tummy rumble.) 
            There is not much to say about the Couscous salad it pretty much speaks for it self. It is as good to eat as it is easy to make.Lite and fresh with a hint of mint, this salad is a perfect match with the pork chops and creamy mushroom gravy.

 I drooled in anticipation as I cooked dinner last night and I am licking my lips now as I write about it. This is hands down one of my best dinners.


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  1. Thank you so much for passing along my recipe! ((HUGS)))