Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February one big party!

Birthdays,birthdays everywhere Starting on the first of February and not stopping until the 29Th of the month.
    I have 4 important birthdays in the month of February to acknowledge and celebrate with many more in between.  Beginning with my brothers birthday on the 1st.then mine is the 10TH with a nephew and 2 friends in between brother and me on the 7TH and 8TH. Then it is my mom on the 19TH.,One of my best fest friends is on the 13TH,she and I share a dislike of Valentines day,well not the day itself just the timing of the holiday.Because my husband is also a February baby the 26Th to be exact we have a nice dinner and cocktail to toast the day and that is all the recognition Valentine day gets.
    In this house with all the dinners and celebrations going on we try and keep super bowl simple (unless the EAGLES are in it). and effort free. This year was the smallest and easiest ever.It was Just Bill and I so I really wanted to keep it easy and simple,nothing fancy requiring lots of time in the kitchen.
     I chose a menu of good old fashion comfort food just right for game day. On the table for our enjoyment at game time was a tasty perfectly made potato salad,Chili that was spiced just right and hot dogs made to order.Quick and easy to make and even easier to eat,best of all I was able to sit on the couch and watch the game or commercials as the case may be.

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