Friday, June 10, 2016

For the Love of Karen

Today as I sat with my sister in law Karen and talked she repeated more then once how she hoped my niece knew just how loved she was. Yes, I said was, this past week my niece, my Tina became an Angel after having an accident on her motorcycle. Tragic and totally unexpected Tina's family took this hard, we have cried and screamed and asked why ; we take small solace in the fact that Tina left this world doing what she loved 2nd best, (her daughter Bre being Tina's first love) what brought a smile to her face and a sense of true freedom to her soul. Her love of riding came naturally from both her parents and more then a few women in our family that loved bikes and riding them. Her pride in learning to ride dulled even the brightest sunset or sunrise for that matter. I would rather Tina still be here today but I take comfort in knowing she left us happy doing what she loved and something that brought her peace and happiness.

  To Karen I hope you know how much you are Loved.
  When I remember President Kennedy I remember you. Sitting on the couch next to you, not really understanding why you were crying. Just wishing I could stop your tears.
    You formed so much of me, made me much of what I am today. 
  I bet you don't know I think of you everyday. Something I do always triggers a memory of you. You taught me so much.
   Pan handels and the way you face them
   never leave the door to a 2nd floor walk up open, ( well to be honest Sandy taught me that one) 
   Mashed potatoes can be reheated and actually taste good without baking or frying them.
  So many other things as well, daily useful stuff, things that without you I would never of known, things that made my life better, safer, and sometimes easier.
  The other day I taught Madeline what I call the mushroom bun. I am sure you don't remember, but one day you came to my house; I was 13 or so and I was trying to fix my hair, I had a rats nest up top of my head and am sure I looked ridiculous, you just took the comb and calmly combed the tangles out and then showed me how to make a bun on top of my head, that somewhat resembled a mushroom.  It was so much better then the rats nest I had made and I couldn't of loved you more for it. Madeline's hair being longer and thicker then mine ever was didn't work as easily, but she loved it, and all I could do was wish you could know how much I love you.
  Yes Tina brought love into many peoples lives, yes Tina smiled even when she was crying, Tina learned it from you, just like I learned how to be strong from you.
  I once got in trouble, oh so much trouble, first from Timmy and then from Mom for saying you were my favorite sister in law, well it was true then and it is true now. I know this statement could hurt a few feelings, but I hope those feelings understand you have been in my life since I was like 8 years old, and most of life's lessons I learned from you. The spanking I got that day was worth it,I told the truth when I was asked. Karen you are so Loved by everyone that has ever met you and especially by me.
  Today as we talked, laughed, cried, and just plan hung out together ; all I could think was how lucky I was to have a sister in law like you, how much I LOVE you.
 Please know Dear Karen as much as your Sweet Tina was loved so are you.

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