Wednesday, January 13, 2016

So long ago!

 It has been a long time since I put word to paper. I have thought about it many times, as I painted walls, swept more floors then I once had, cleaned so many more windows then I have ever had, vacuumed more carpet then I ever had before, and finally I have thought about it as I head on out to my quilting club, my Photography club, or just a walk with my dogs. I think how I would love to write about how wonderful my life is becoming, I just don't seem to be willing give up all the fun I am having to find the time to write. I now have so much more to write about and amazingly enough no real time to write it. If you are over 55  and have the chance to live in an adult community like LeisureTowne  Southampton NJ, do so. I woke up the day we moved here. Don't get me wrong I loved our life on Creek rd, I lost a lot of friends and life with the big move from PA to Creek rd NJ, the love and happiness I found on Creek rd made it all worth while. After years of fun and love we ,Bill and I agreed it was time to move and have a home of our own. I was aiming towards LeisureTowne and Bill was hoping for something different. In the end space, room size, house condition, and price led us deep into LeisureTowne. A place I fell in love with when Bill's dad lived  here. Everyday is now busy for me, running errands for my mom, attending club meetings, and now volunteering for Touch a helpful and supportive organization that makes sure Senior citizens have what they need to age gracefully. I feel like life has once again begun.

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