Thursday, April 23, 2015


I had all intention of doing this on Monday, somehow this week just got away from me. My short story is evading me and even with an idea of where I am going to take the story next, every time I think about sitting down to write I think of something else that just has to be done. So I have been my own worse enemy it would seem.
    Spring has sprung and color is popping everywhere, including my back yard. My camera has been getting a real work out. 

  The rain has even given some interesting photo opportunities. Do you see the Alien raindrop?

   I have been studying how to shoot moving water and get this soft cloudy effect. For the first time the other day I found a dam and gave it a try. The photos aren't my best but they show very clearly I have figured out how to get the effect with my camera. 

Now I need to find myself a pretty little water fall in the woods and make some art.
  The dance recital has come and gone and my little Miss was as beautiful as always as well as go good. She lost one front tooth in the beginning of the week and was almost late for recital due to the 2nd front tooth coming out right then and there. 

While I miss the little gapped tooth smile the toothless one is just the cutest.

   For me it is a weekend with Madeline and what looks like beautiful outdoor weather. I am so excited you would think tomorrow was Christmas. 

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