Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A walk in the city and More New Jersey Barns.

 I am almost completely mobil again. I have limitations like I still can't bend my knee to get up and down stairs, I can't carry any kind of weight, and worst of all I can't sit indian style which is my favorite way to sit. If the hubby or dogs bump it in the night I wake up crying a little and turning to fast in the wrong direction can still knock me to the ground in sheer pain, but really I am doing so much better. Good enough in fact that I took a driving picture tour into the country looking for barns on Saturday. 

Not a barn but the old farm house to the white barns below. 

Then on Sunday I took my camera into the city and walked from 7th to 11th street and then walked from Market street to Walnut St. Thats 3 blocks, on Walnut I made the left and walked back to 7th St, another left there and I headed back to Market St and my parked car. It was slow going and at times tiring but  invigorating as well. 

I came home exhausted and happy.

  Yesterday was a Murphy's Law kind of day. Getty was suppose to go to the groomers but ended at the vet instead. He is now wearing the cone of shame because he has chewed a spot raw on his hinny. 

While waiting for my vet appointment I decide to back up the computer and then do the updates that needed doing. The back up went fine the first update went fine and then the second update seemed to get stuck. I don't panic, not yet anyway. I take Getty to the vet, pick up lunch for Mom and come back home, there is no change to the computer. I call Apple care it is over a 3hr wait time and you are being urged to go to Apple . com for help. Well now I can't do that. While I am on the phone listening to my options, I look at the vet bill and realize I was charged twice for an expensive prescription. I hang up from Apple, (I am not waiting 3 hours on the phone) and I call the vet, this is the first problem all day that has been an easy fix. I am now starting to panic and suffer withdrawal like symptoms, after all it has been 3 and 1/2 hours with out my computer. I pack my baby up and head to the Apple store where no matter how much I  insisted, and stomped my foot the first available appointment was 4 hours away. Unhappy but resigned I drive back home. I get dinner ready and head back to the Apple Store my normal 20 minute ride takes 45 minutes due to rush hour, It should be called Slow Hour because you get no where fast. Any way I planned for traffic and left early only to be 5 minutes late. They don't hold this kind of appointment if your not on time you lose your spot. I walk in scared I had lost my spot and was told all was good, I start to smile only to have the check in girl wipe the smile right off again. She asked me for my email conformation for the appointment. I am sorry to say for a minute I lost control of my composure. I was less then polite when I explained to her once again that I could not access my computer it would not turn on or off therefore I could not get to my email. I was in tears and frustrated beyond words at that point, so afraid they weren't going to honor the appointment. In the end they did honor the appointment and about a 1/2 hour later the Apple Genius had me up and running and had even run a few test to make sure it wouldn't happen again. I looked for the check in girl to say I was sorry but I couldn't find her so the next time I see her I will be sure to apologize. Murphy's Law, what can I say I am not a fan of those days, I am just happy that it is over.

  As you can see I am back to living life and telling you about it, but that won't stop me from continuing on with my Short Story. I have a beginning which you have read, I have a middle that you will read soon enough and hopefully by then I will have figured out the end. 


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