Saturday, February 28, 2015

One Last Celebration For February !

 Today my son and his family come to celebrate all the birthdays in the house. I am excited beyond words. Other then dinner I have nothing planned. I am just happy to spend time with my family. 
  Dzidzia's birthday was this past week and we took the opportunity to celebrate alone. A night out just the two of us, Relaxing and having fun. 
  Dinner at a local steak house was as always enjoyable. The Guinness Girls were there raising money for the local fire fighters, free stuff is always fun. I love my Tee shirt and Dzidzia loves his new beer glass, and we both love that we helped where help was needed. Who says helping can't be fun.

  It is winter here. I may have mentioned before that there is snow on the ground and it is below freezing cold. I am sure I have. Anyway what do you do on a cold winters night for fun after dinner. If you are Dzidzia and me you go swimming. Yep thats right swimming and then a jacuzzi filled with HOT water and bubbles. We picked a lovely hotel close to the Steakhouse that had both a heated pool and jacuzzi bath. I packed Apple cider vinegar and bubble bath, Dzidzia's favorite cocktail, our bathing suits and my camera and we were ready for the fun to begin. In case your wondering the vinegar is suppose to help ease joint and muscle pain if you soak in it. I was feeling much more relaxed and comfortable after the soak that is for sure. Dzidzia was like a kid playing in the bubbles so I am pretty sure the soak relaxed him too.

  We came home happy and full of energy, well happy anyway.  Couch potato would best describe me at least for a little while. Then the Dzi come's in and tells me to take a walk out back with my camera. I love this man more and more each day and these pictures are one of the reasons my love keeps growing.

 What a way to welcome in the weekend. One of the best gifts this month. 

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