Monday, February 9, 2015

Madeline For the Weekend!

Monday rainy Monday, well more like icy Monday. A Monday meant to stay in the house if you can. I can so I am. I woke up this morning with energy to burn and I didn't waste it. The chili is made for dinner,  the dishes are done, the laundry washed ,dried folded, and put away, the beds made and the floors vacuumed. I even managed to get the kitchen pantry organized. A very productive day I would say and it isn't over yet.
  As the title suggest I had Madeline as a guest for the weekend. We hadn't seen each other in three weeks and let me tell you she missed me as much as I missed her. It was the weekend of hugs and loves. 
  We started out the weekend with me picking her up from class, a short stop at the playground.

 Then we took our ritual trip to the local mall for lunch and a whole lot of window shopping. As always Miss Madeline walks out of the mall with at least one bag on her arm. This time it was games for us to play and a miniature doll set that had a unicorn in it. She found a coloring book she just couldn't live with out and with that purchased and safely in her bag we make our way out the mall doors and head for home.
  Home held surprises for both me and Madeline, as I pulled in the driveway it was hard not to notice the BIG box sitting in front of the front door. A closer inspection by the curious duo revels that I have gotten a new dryer. The old one coughed one last cough last week and coughed no more. The dryer is nice  and works so much better than the old one, but I was more excited to see the big box. Once the dryer had been brought in the box was brought in and given to Madeline to play with. At first she wasn't sure what to make of all that cardboard and then I cut open a door and two windows. It was a fort in the making after that. She used crayons, paint and markers to decorate the outside and she used the cardboard cutouts from her doll set packaging as pictures for the walls inside. A blanket for the floor and a lantern suspend by Dziadzi from the roof and her clubhouse was all  set. 

Her imagination just went wild.At one point she went in closed the door and it was absolute silence. I peeked in from the top and she was just chilling reading a book to herself.

There was nothing cuter then her peeking her head out the windows to talk to us. 

I just love that little girl to pieces, and when she is happy and full of playfulness I just melt. I am having a hard time putting the box back outside now that she has gone home. I opened the door of the box house and there in the center of a big silver heart painted on the door she has taped her Barbie and the Secret Door logo from the doll package. It is so darn cute I just can't mess with it. every time I look at that simple cardboard box I smile and laugh right out loud remembering the fun she had all weekend long with it. 
  Sunday came to fast, Madeline spent the entire day with us but it seemed like it was over before it started. We colored unicorns, told stories, and played with her dolls in the fake sand she got the last time she was here. ( don't ask ). At one point I couldn't find her and when I finally did, Madeline was hanging in her box house with her dolls and horses watching TV from the back window. 
   If Madeline wasn't in my lap she was in Dziadzi's  lap playing games on the kindle or just cuddling.

It was without a doubt the weekend of hugs and love.

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