Tuesday, February 3, 2015


 Spoiler Alert, this post is a foodie post. It has been a while since I shared my menu with you. Taking food pictures in the winter is not my favorite task. In the summer the amount of planning and staging as well as lighting you have to do is minimal compared  to the effort of winter shooting. 
 Sunday was Super bowl Sunday, my football loving husband and his friends get together to watch the game no matter what 2 teams make it to the final game. Me I am not a football fan really but I go for the food. This year it was all finger foods. My pictures are sad to say the least but the food was very good. We had a large verity of foods to choice from. Things like sausage stuffed mushrooms, buffalo wings, chips and dips, and the 2 stars of the show. The deviled eggs were a perfect creamy texture with a nice balance between the mustard and the egg. Our host made the eggs so I don't have a recipe to share, I just couldn't resist taking the picture.

 The mini open face Rubens were the biggest hit at the party. You can't tell from my photos but these little buggers are DELICIOUS. I like making full size rye bread open face Rubens for our dinner quite often and saw the mini ones on one of the many recipe sites I visit. I decided they would make a good dish to bring to Super Bowl. I was right, I made 35 minis 

 3 couples ate everyone of them. By half time more than half the little sandwiches were gone. By the time my husband came home at the end of the game there were none left, just an empty tray. This is one easy recipe and so far I haven't met a single person that hasn't loved them. All you need to do is assemble your ingredients layer them on bread that has been toasted on the bottom and broil them till the cheese melts.
 Ingredients, Listed in the order they are layered.
 1 loaf Party Jewish Rye bread for appetizers.( Pepperidge Farm )
 1 sm bottle Thousand Island dressing
1 sm bag of sauerkraut rinsed and drained
 1 LB corn beef thin sliced
1 LB sliced Swiss cheese.
 Broil the bottom side of the bread until lightly toasted.
 Turn the slices over and begin assembly with generous amounts of each ingredient.
 Broil until cheese is melted and a bubbly golden brown. 
 Remove from the heat and serve.

 Monday nights dinner absolutely needs to be included in this foodie post. It isn't my recipe but it has earned a place in my recipe box. I saw a post for the recipe earlier in the day on Monday and thought it looked interesting. I didn't tag it in anyway so later in the day I had to do a google search to find it. I am so glad I did, I am even happier that I searched through all the recipes listed to find the one I had read in the first place. Most of the other recipes used canned soup this one was a little different. It is a one pan dish that begs for there to be leftovers.

 Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole
The recipe is for 6 and I didn't cut it in half. We enjoyed the leftovers today for breakfast. I cooked the pasta past al dente and the second time around the pasta was a little too soft. Next time I will make sure the pasta is al dente.

 Well now that I have made myself hungry I guess its time to get in the kitchen.

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