Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome 2015!

 Good afternoon and Happy New Year. 
     The coming of the new year usually brings along with it a reflection of the past year. Was it a good year or a bad year or a little bit of both. For me it was a pretty good year. I had some big ups and major downs as well as some just perfectly level days. As I was looking back I realized I would be celebrating an Anniversary of sorts. Exactly 1 year ago tomorrow I officially got off the couch and re-entered life. I kept my resolution for 2014 to stop feeling sorry for myself and let myself enjoy life. With the help and faith of my loving husband I took more pictures than ever before and kept up with my blogging.  I got outside took walks, talked to friends and I found myself again. 
    At the end of 2014 I started finding ways to improve my writing and photography skills. I found Blogger U on Wordpress and take every work shop that I can. I now write 2 blogs. Sometimes it is hard to find 2 different subjects, but I like the challenge. 
  Also at the end of the past year I had a computer tragedy that may potentially lose me all those many many pictures I took all year long. The tragedy had a happy ending thanks once again to my husband for continuing to have faith in my skills, he gifted me a beautiful new computer allowing me to continue blogging and working with my photography. Mr Hubby went one step further and purchased me " One on One" training with computer experts for an entire year. An exciting way to end the old year and begin the new year.
  Looking back at 2014 I can proudly say I am happy with how I lived life and the choices I made. keeping my resolutions of 2014 not only made my life better it improved the life of everyone around me. 
  For 2015 I plan to continue on my path of blogging, photography, getting off the couch and enjoying life. The year 2015 will be a year of education. I plan on taking classes in person and on line. The big promise to myself this year is getting an editing software program that will take me to that next step in photography.
  I want take this opportunity to thank all of you that read my blog, make comments , and in general encouraged me to continue writing and sharing my pictures with you.Knowing there are people reading and enjoying what I write and share makes each post a pleasure to write. Thank you one and all for your support, well wishes and encouragement I appreciate it more than words can say. I look forward to our year together in 2015.
  Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year! May your future be bright.

    1. thank you! Happy New Year to you too and Mrs. bd also. I hope this year finds you happy healthy and wise!