Monday, December 29, 2014

Digging Deep

  I spent all day bouncing between thinking about what I would post here and the post I have been working on for a week. The workshop I was doing this month on blogger U was for learning longform writing. This past weeks assignment was difficult on many many levels. Writing being the least of my problems. 
   The assignment was Personal reflection, we were asked to dig deep, work through complicated feelings, and expand beyond ourselves. It took me over a week of writing and re-writng to get what I hope is a meaningful article that expands beyond myself and reaches you. 
  After all day thinking about it I knew I couldn't write a good post here today because my mind is so on the article I have been working so hard on. Truly I really want you to read what I wrote. I am hoping you will click the link and read the article. As always your feed back is welcome and wanted.
 Dementia How Do I Live with it

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