Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Computer Makes Me Cry

 I didn't miss my post today, My computer made me miss my post today. The computer Acer Aspire E 15 I got less then 30 days ago had a touch pad crash. Acer said send it to us we will fix it. I have disliked the computer from day one because the touch pad was so wonky. I decide to take advantage of the fact that I have a 30 day window and return it. I replace it with what I am told the exact computer, much to my happiness they are not the same computers. The improvement in the computers is almost worth the loss of today's blogs pictures. While setting up the new computer I am asked to sign into my Microsoft account (not my email account ) I try and am told that the info I gave is wrong. I wrote it down when set the account less then 30 days ago, so I try again and still I get the message my info is wrong. I try again and get a message that I am not locked out for to many wrong infos. I call Acer they reset my computer, that takes 3 hours. once it is reset I call acer back for help with the set up. We get to the sign in with Microsoft part and well  no matter what I try I can't sign in. The lady from Acer tries with no success to explain something. What I have no idea because her thick accent and rate of speech made understanding impossible. I asked more then once for her to slow down and speak clearer only to be told I needed to listen better. She interrupted every sentence I tried to speak. In the end she has me skip the sign in and continue on with the sign up. I do as she suggest only to find I now can't get my email and a few other apps I use.  She gives up and tells me to call Microsoft. The help I got there was even less helpful. After almost 2 hours on the phone I at least can get my email but all other Microsoft apps that I may use are not accessible to me.
  I had some sort of warning in my brain yesterday and saved photos that I knew I would regret losing to shutter fly.  My photos for the blog I had planned for today were lost.
 I have a computer and it seems to work much better then the one I purchased almost 30 days ago. I actually like this one so much more. I just need to figure out Mirosoft and my account so I can use all the apps I like and need. Tomorrow will find me once more calling Microsoft in the hope they can this time help me.
   It has taken a bit of time to get all my favorite sites back on my tool bar. I am still working on it.
 So with luck I will be all back on line Monday and making an interesting post. 

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