Saturday, November 29, 2014


 I totally blanked on the fact that today is Saturday. I like putting a post out on Saturday and I just totally missed it. I will save my soup post for Monday and just do a quick recap of yesterday.
  Yesterday was bitter sweet in some ways. We all went to Wheaton Village. Hubby and I had been there in Oct. and thought Madeline and Mom would enjoy so we made plans to come back on black Friday to see the world largest glass fruit cake being made. We saw it in progress but never saw the finished product.

 We were just too tuckered out to go back at the end of the day and see it. It was a fun day for all concerned. Madeline was really into looking at all the glass in the museum, much more interested then I had hoped for.

 We came home happy and oh so tired.
  The bitter sweet comes in to play with my camera. Naturally I took my camera with me. Now I am always trying out what I learned this past month about speed and light and getting a good clean shot. Well do you remember back to last year and the beginning of this year when I would take 100's of pictures and only a handful would be clear and crisp. Well that is what happened yesterday I took 100's of pictures and most of them are blurry. I didn't let it ruin a lovely day but it was disappointing. I feel a little frustrated like I am back at square one. Well it should be easier this time, I am after all familiar with the path.

   Hope you are enjoying the extra long weekend as much as we are. 

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