Sunday, October 5, 2014

Last Stop Brother & Sister Visit

The last stop of the road trip before heading home would be our shortest stop and the most important stop to Mom. After leaving Panama City we drove a few short hours to the north landing in Bainbridge GA the home of my Uncle Jimmy, my Mom's brother. I haven't seen my Uncle in at least 20 years and it has been at least 10 for Mom. She writes to him often and when she had a phone he would call her almost weekly. They were close until age and time got between them. So this short visit was the high light of the trip for Mom and what she had waited patiently for all week.
 Mom's face when she walked in and said hi to Uncle Jimmy was a look I will never forget. Uncle Jimmy's smile was pretty big too.

 We were too late for lunch and too early for dinner so after a little chatting and catching up Uncle Jimmy took us to his favorite place. I am not sure what the name of the park or river was but that didn't make it any less enjoyable. The walking bridge was old and creaky perfectly matching the old oaks covered with Spanish moss.

 As we walked we saw what looked to be a great blue heron and a lot of vegetation we had not seen before.

 I kept looking for gators to come out of the water to visit the heron or roll in the all the vegetation going there. Besides the walking bridge there was some machinery and trains kind of just hanging around looking cool.

 The part Mom and Uncle Jimmy seemed to enjoy the most was the donkeys and emu. The emu make the strangest noise and are such clowns, as my photos show.

  All too soon it was time to hit the road again. A sad moment for both Mom, myself and from the look in his eyes a sad moment for Uncle Jimmy too. Hopefully next time we will get a longer visit.
 As I sat in the back seat feeling a little down I noticed the fantastic sky floating by. Without really thinking about it I picked up my camera and just started shooting. After all the times of trying to get the clouds in pictures, I finally get the picture I have been looking for and I did it without trying or even thinking about it.

 Have a relaxing Sunday! Thank you for stopping by.

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