Thursday, October 2, 2014

At Last We Reach Our Primary Destination!

 Well the saying I need a vacation to recover from my vacation is more then true. My backside is dragging for sure. I have spent this week so far getting my house back in order, doing double the laundry I normally have, picking the garden
and  preserving everything I picked. Like I said I need a vacation.
  Our primary destination so titled because we had one more final stop to make before we would head north and home. Panama City Beach FLA ! What a beautiful place to visit. It is exactly what I had hoped for, exotic, blue skies, warm water, and white sandy beaches.

 We lucked out and had a week of perfect weather to enjoy all that the beach has to offer. We did and saw so much without leaving our hotel on the beach.
  We did leave the hotel and beach here and there to have fun hanging out with our Allrecipes friends. The whole purpose of vacationing in Panama City Beach was to join the Redneck Southern Roundup. While the beach alone would have been worth the long ride we took, meeting and re-meeting these people loving known as Allrecipes Peeps was the icing on the cake and a bowl of ice cream too. 
 Our first stop after checking in was 
to a seafood bar not far down the road for our first greet and meet. We were all fast friends with in 5 minutes of meeting each other. 

After our meet and greet the hubby and I settled into our room looked around at all the wonderful things to do and see and then with smiles on our faces we fell asleep dreaming of blue skies and warm days on the beach.
  All the days blurred into each other as we lazed about on the beach doing nothing but relaxing. My beach hating husband had more fun playing on the beach than some children I know.

 Mom and I enjoyed the beach as well.We even got a day on the beach with some of the AR peeps.

 Gary and his wife were lovely  host and hostess fixing us all dinner one night and hosting a very enjoyable evening gathering that included a beautiful sunset and a whole lot of Flamingos as well as some outrageously funny re-gifting. 

Look closely and you will see a flamingo or two photo bombing my pictures. 
 Hubby and I took one walk into the shopping area near the beach enjoying the sites and sounds. 

It was nice to have lunch with a live band for entertainment. I thought the use for the old claw foot tub was great. 
 Our last night in Panama found us all together for one last dinner. The restaurant was warm and friendly with great food. Ideal for a leisurely dinner with good friends.

 No the Hawaiian shirts weren't planned just a happy coincidence.
  Not overly eager to leave on Friday I grabbed my camera and took one last walk on the beach. Dzia Dzi was more then happy to mug for the camera in the extremely large chair. 

Then sadly it was time to leave, but not before Robin stopped by to surprise me with a souvenir gift made by her from her heart. I had seen something in a gift store and she had noticed me admiring it.

 So before we left she showed up with my very own bottle of sand and shells. It now sits dead center on the shelf in front of me making me smile everyday. 
 Have a terrific Thursday! Thank you for stopping by.    


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. It was easy to write, harder to pick the pictures. Glad you enjoyed it. I certainly enjoyed attending. I see why you round up whenever you can.

  2. Lovely adventure. Changes in latitudes... welcome back. Lol

    1. Thank you, it was so worth giving up fest for a year. I had my wrist-let and badge and some good people to hang with so just like fest only the field changed a little.

  3. So nice that you and your husband made the southern round up this year, some really nice folks to hang out with. Great photos, thanks for sharing the fun. Sorry I had to miss it this year.

    1. Sorry you couldn't make it, it was a perfect week weather and all. Yes awesome people to hang with. Thank you am glad enjoyed the photos.

  4. AHHHHH! I have hoped for the last couple of years we would make it there. This year was looking like an almost almost and then a no. Roundups can be so much fun, I should know having hosted 5 of them. Loved the photos, loved that you had a great time! Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us!!

    1. When you finally get the chance to go you will love it. The people are great and the area itself is so amazing. This makes 2 round ups for me to attend and I love it.
      Thank you I am so glad you enjoyed the photos.