Monday, September 29, 2014

The First Stop on our Journey

As you may have heard I was on vacation last week and what a vacation it was. Our final destination was 18 hours away making it
necessary for us to divide our trip into two days. Knowing this we decided to make the stop over more then just a stop over. We figured out how far we wanted really needed to travel the first day and then we looked at the map. It was an easy decision to make. I have always wanted to see this place. I mean it was on my bucket list. So at the early hour of 3 AM Saturday I got up got Mom in the car and piled in the back seat with pillows blankets and all kinds of other stuff we needed along the road, by 4 AM everyone was in the the car and we were on the road. I slept until we got to North Carolina and then I helped with the driving. Our long 12 hour ride was thankfully uneventful and easy. We had some of the best Mexican food somewhere in North Carolina when we stopped at JR'S the biggest cigar store and more. The restaurant was so empty it didn't look open. I pulled in the drive way any way and parked. The best decision I made so far this trip.

 We were one of two tables to be occupied so the service was almost quicker then fast food but the food was not doubt slow cooked and homemade.
By the time we finished our lunch the place was filling up. Turns out we were just early in fact if we had been a half hour earlier we would have missed an absolutely delicious lunch. 

  As planned we arrived at our final destination for the day around 4 PM. We found a nice hotel outside of town and settled Mom in then we went to see what there was to see. The first thing we realized is that the hour we planned on walking around seeing the sights wasn't going to be enough.

 In fact two hours wouldn't be enough to see all there is to see in Savannah Georgia you need a week at the very least. We did our best to take in as much as possible before we had to get back and have dinner with Mom.My camera was almost on auto pilot clicking away a mile a minute.   Our first sights of Savannah after getting out of the car were almost surreal.

 Take away the no parking sign and the warning sign on the steps and you can just see the markets set up with fruits and breads and people moving about in long gowns and long coats with big white ruffles. You do feel like you have stepped back in time as soon as you reach the bottom step down to the river side road.The buildings alone take you back in time with the railings, balconies, and old red brick. Steamboats with paddle wheels sitting on the river and winding paths behind and around the buildings all give a little hint of what life was once like.

   We never left the river road there was so much to see. I didn't get to see the old homes and plantations this time but I saw so much I walked away satisfied. The people were so friendly and happy to be there even the people working were happy and very friendly.

  You can't go to Savannah and not visit this iconic restaurant and store. The restaurant was jam packed so I didn't even get to peek inside a little bit, but the store was fun and my pig shaped wood cutting board with the Paula Deen Logo branded into it will always take me back to the fine hour I spent in Savannah. 

 Saturday we got up and taking our time we got ready to hit the road again, but before we got on the highway heading south we took Mom and drove along the river road so she could see Savannah too. In the sleepy morning with no cars or people moving around the beauty of Savannah's river side shines through just like the morning sun rise.

 As we said good bye to Savannah I knew it wasn't a final good bye. We will be back and we will be back for more then an hour you can bet on that.
 Have a cheery Monday! Thank you for stopping by.   

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