Saturday, August 9, 2014

Howling at the Moon & Dinner

 Good Saturday morning to you. Normally I would be busy packing today getting ready for a week in the field. Yep it is that time again Philadelphia Folk Fest begins. This year I am not going so I am not busy packing. I am busy doing other things and doing my best not to focus on fest. It is difficult after so many years of going not to go, but when I am sitting on a beach in FLA next month it will have been worth the sacrifice and next year I will be back at fest. It is always good to try something new once in a while.
  Friday I spent the day cleaning my kitchen only to destroy it within minutes of getting it clean. That however is a story for later and dinner.
  Last night I went moon chasing. There was an amazing moon and I was determined to get good pictures. The moon is one of those things I never seem to get good pictures of. I always get pictures that look like this

 or even this.

 I know this one isn't good but I like the double moon look.

 Not really sure how I did that. I finally got in the car and drove out of the trees. I found a spot where the moon was totally exposed. I parked, opened the moon roof and stood up. I adjusted the light and ISO until I was just about to give up. Then out of the blue or should I say out of the dark I got these pictures. 

The pictures I have always wanted to be able to take. The moon is suppose to be spectacular all weekend and I plan to chase it a few more times.
  " What Was Dinner " It was Chinese take out. I was so busy messing up the kitchen that I really didn't have time to make dinner. 

I was busy making jam. Blueberry jam to be exact. I have never really canned anything until last year and the success of the bread and butter pickles and strawberry jam spurred me on to try some new things this year. I use the Ball canning cook book, it is my canning bible.

 Almost every question you have is answered in the book. To make Blueberry jam all I needed was 9 cups of crushed blueberries,6 cups of sugar and a lot of patience because it took almost an hour to get it to the gelling point. I was scared more than once that I was doing something wrong. 

When it doubled in size and almost overflowed the pan I was really worried because the recipe said it yielded 3 pints and at that point I had way more then 3 pints. In the end I got 4 1/2 pints of jam.

 Today I am going to once again clean the kitchen and then mess it up all over again as I give Bruschetta a try. That will be nice to have on hand through out the winter party season.
  Have a wonderful weekend! Thank you for stopping by.  

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