Monday, August 18, 2014

Busy Weekend & Dessert!

 It is a beautiful Monday morning and like the weekend it is going to be a busy Monday. With luck and a little good planning I will be spending most of the day outside in the sunshine and fresh air playing games with Madeline.
  Saturday was to perfect to ignore and we didn't. After a little yard work and spending some quality time together in the garden, Dzia grabbed a little nap and then we were off to find some fun in the sun. We found that fun in Philadelphia on the Delaware river. Penn's Landing is one of Philadelphia coolest places to visit. It offers a verity of things to do and see. During the summer there are festivals and music concerts, or you can just hang out on a hammock and enjoy the breeze coming off the river. There is so much history just begging to be seen and soaked in.

 There is no shortage of food floating around the pier. You can get anything from a hot dog to a full course meal. This weekend was the India festival. The sights, sounds, and aromas were so exotic so full and rich.

 Everywhere you looked there were racks and tables full of  brightly colored fabrics of all kinds. 

We braved the long LONG lines for a little taste of India in food. Well worth the wait. Not sure what we ate but it was incredible. Later as we walked along the pier Dzia found a food stand he just couldn't pass by.

 When we finally decided it was time to go home we were full and very content.
  Sunday found me back on fest grounds. I took Madeline up to the field to see her dad. While they went off and enjoyed the festival together I stayed in the camp grounds and took pictures.  The day started out gray and rainy. It is always amazing to watch the sky as it moves across the field and yesterday was no different.

 Even more cool camp sites had sprouted up since Thursday. There are so many wonderfully different things to see on the field. Even I Dream of Genie had to come to fest.

 Madeline enjoyed her time with daddy, she played hard all day taking in as much of fest fun as she could. She slept all the way home and asked to go to bed when we got home. She never asks to go to bed.
    " What Was Dinner " Dinner was delicious but the dessert was better. Blueberry I say cobbler and the husband calls it a buckle.

 Whatever you call it won't matter because before you can decide it will be gone. A simple straight forward recipe that is easy to follow and comes out good every time. The first time I made this was up on the field in the annex. I and 3 other people put it together in no time at all. Everyone that had some raved about it so much that I just had to make it again when I got home.

 I don't know who to give credit to for this recipe because I never saw the recipe. I will just say author unknown.

3 cup blueberry
2 tablespoon lemon juice
1 cup flour
1 cup sugar
1 egg beaten 
6 tablespoon butter melted
 Place berries in a 9 by 13 baking dish, drizzle with lemon juice. Mix together flour, sugar, and egg. Mix until crumbly. Cover blueberries with flour mixture and then drizzle with melted butter. Bake in a preheated 400 degree oven between 30 and 45 minutes until blueberries thicken and topping is lightly golden brown.

  It is hard to believe such a simple recipe could be so good.
  Cheery Monday everyone! Thank you for stopping by. 

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