Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mystery Wednesday & Dinner

 There really isn't a mystery just no subject. I write about my life and the food I serve. I don't want to write about the last 3 days. A bad case of what we believe was food poisoning can do that to you.  I never knew my body could react that violently to something, and honestly I don't ever want to know it again. I am well on the road to recovery and happy for it, there were moments I doubted I would ever recover. I am just going to say if what I experienced was indeed food poisoning then food poisoning is no joke.
   On to happier subjects. This morning I felt well enough to walk out back and look at the garden. I was more then pleased with what I saw. On some plants we are already seeing produce, like tomatoes, cherry bomb peppers, broccoli, and the cabbage is beginning to roll itself into a ball.

   After a few household chores I stole out back to the garden for a few hours. It felt good to be back in the dirt, but I tired quickly and only got 1/10 of the planting done I wanted to get done. The entire garden did thank me for the big drink it got today after missing yesterday. 
   " What Was Dinner"  I wasn't sure there would be dinner but I was steady enough on my feet and stomach to manage putting something together, and hungry enough to have a head full of ideas.

 I settled for simple and mild to bland spicing. Sweet potatoes baked and served with butter, cube steak seasoned lightly and dredged in flour then fried in bacon fat. My green beans had me thinking for a minute because I decided I was having an absolute craving for southern style green beans. You know the kind I mean. Fresh green beans cooked all day low and slow with white potatoes and one form of pork or another, be it bacon, ham bone, or pork shoulder. Well what do you do when you are eating sweet potatoes, and you figure out you want this dish an hour before dinner time. Turns out it is a pretty easy fix. First in the pan you are going to cook your meat in cook up some bacon to a nice crisp texture. Remove the bacon and keep well hidden for further use. Have Mom clean and snap the beans, place said green beans into the bacon fat pan with the heat turned off. Give a few tosses to lightly coat the beans, place coated beans in another saute pan with crumbled bacon. Add garlic and onion if you wish. Pour broth, beef, chicken, veg, or pork, even water will do what ever you have on hand. Pour enough to halfway cover the beans. Cover and cook on med to medium high. Keep a close eye on your liquid level. Cook until completely tender.

  Mom was in heaven with the gravy made from pan drippings, flour dredged cube steak and beans in pork. Dziadzi wasn't crying the blues either. 
  Happy Wednesday everyone! Thank you for stopping by. 

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