Monday, June 2, 2014

Easy Weekend & Dinner

 It wasn't such a busy weekend this weekend. A lot got done but there were no field trips into the new and different. Walking meant walking to the back field, where 4 new rows have been made in the garden. The Dzia even got them all covered in fabric. Now I need to get to planting.  We attended our nieces going away party this weekend and that was our only real outing. 
   We picked up Madeline Saturday afternoon and then headed over to Rita's to wish our niece Karly a safe trip and happy life in her new home and state. Backyard parties are always nice at Rita's and this one was no different. I took a few pictures but not one of the food and that is a shame because the spread was really good. I enjoyed every bit of it and am going to be asking for the recipe for one dish in particular. Shredded chicken with corn and black beans and I am not sure what else. It was delicious, I want to revisit that dish more then once for sure. 

The conversation was flowing, games were being played and little ones were running and squealing with joy all signs of a good party. Please join me in wishing Karly a life filled with happy adventures and great successes. 

  The rest of the weekend was spent in the garden. A lot was accomplished and the garden is looking so good. Dziadzi and I are pretty proud of that little patch of land this year. Our joint effort is shaping up into a beautiful garden.

 We have always cooked well together, now it seems we garden well together. By the end of today I hope to have my beans in the ground and maybe even some of the mountain of tomato seedlings I have. you know the ones I didn't think would grow.
  Like I said not a busy weekend. I did get a chance to pick up a polarized lens for my camera. I played with it a little this morning. I played enough to get an idea how to use it.

 I am hoping for an afternoon walk today and a chance to picture the sky.
  " What Was Dinner "  We did a lot of grilling and chilling this weekend. That is pretty normal in the summer for us and some times we hit on a recipe or idea that is a real winner and gets used over and over again.

 We gave a try at making our own baked beans this weekend using molasses and honey. The idea needs tweaking for sure but it is worth the effort. I over cooked the beans and dried them out and they were still tasty. I like the idea of making my own baked beans for many reasons but the biggest reason is I control the amount of sweetener that gets used.

 I think adding a little twang like spicy mustard is needed and a few other things as well but I am on the right track.
 A cheery Monday and I hope you have a wonderful week. Thank you for stopping by.

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