Saturday, April 12, 2014

Give Away Time

 Yes that is right it is give away time again. Do you remember the Snowman give away? For me that was just so much fun I want to do it again. Well there are no snow men to judge so who is going to win this give away? Well that will once again be up to you my readers. All you will need to do is vote. The vote will be open until Easter Sunday and Easter Monday I will announce the winner.
  So who or what are you voting for you ask? Well that is a good question. The answer is easy. The Rancocas Nature Center in Westampton  NJ or the Animal Welfare Association (AWA) in Voorhees NJ . Both worthy organizations that run on the generosity of strangers. What will the winner get? The jar of change you see at the top of the page. I hope to fill it a little more before next week. 
  Rancocas Nature Center is a natural habitat for all forms of wild life and caters highly to birds.

Rancocas Nature Center
  There are trails through the woods and in the meadows. All the trails combined add up to about a mile of walking and not an inch of it is boring. 

There are summer camps for children as well as a museum with live critters to check out.

 The woods and meadows are amazing to walk through. Even this early in the season there was a lot to see and wonder about.

 Naturally a wet land The RNC is home to a lot of different life forms  not just animals, but birds, reptiles, trees, and a large variety of strange looking plants.  

 I will walk this trail many more times before I see all there is to see. 

I recommend that you take a trip and see for yourself how cool this place is, that is if you live close enough. Voting for Rancocas Nature Center will feed the birds and help keep a natural habitat safe from progress.
   The Animal Welfare Association is a wonderful animal shelter that is a no kill shelter.
 Animals that find their way to this shelter are lucky animals indeed. The people of AWA work very hard to get every animal that passes through their doors a happy forever home. While the animals are hanging out at the shelter they are treated to walks, pets, hugs, and kind words. There are employees as well as volunteers looking after all the different animals living there. There is a vet's clinic at the shelter and I have seen some amazing stories come from there. Helping people help their pets is #1 on the shelter staffs priority list. AWA reaches far and wide to help animals find homes. They host online pet surrender for people that need to re home their pets and don't want to put them in shelters, and many other worthy adventures as well to help all concerned be comfortable and happy.

 If you are thinking about adopting a fur baby please visit AWA you never know who you might find there. I found Domino there and I couldn't be happier.

 He smiles and bounces and runs and just makes my day.  Right now there is a silly little girl named Jodi that really and truly needs to find her forever home. 

I saw this sweet little girl on one of my visits and if I could you know I would, but as everyone keeps telling me I can't save them all. Believe me I wanna save them all and writing this blog is one way I can help even if it is just a little. So a vote for AWA will help animals too , to feed and shelter them as well as finding forever homes.
  Both worthy causes and a hard decision to make. I leave it to you who gets your vote. And no you can't vote for both.
  Vote here on the blog or on the link you used to get to the blog, I will check them all. Voting starts today and ends Sunday April 20th. 1 vote per person please. Please vote.
 With all the information I had to give today please for give the lack of " Whats For Dinner " It will be back Monday bright eyed and beautiful. 
  Happy Weekend I hope it is a good one. Thank you for stopping by.


  1. I vote for AWA - we've had 7 rescue dogs over the years and fostered many more. I love them all and love supporting any cause that helps homeless doggies find their furever homes. :)

  2. What a great idea Joey! Both worthy causes, but I'll vote for AWA.

  3. Great photos and idea Joey! I vote AWA.

  4. Although I love nature centers, puppers tug at my heart. I vote AWA!

  5. I love the type of give always you do! Of course, now I'm torn. I think the nature preserve has played a part in developing your photography, but I suspect it gets state funding. AWA may get a few grants, but I know they scramble for every cent. Yep, I vote AWA!

  6. I vote for the AWA, the cute dog photos really swayed my vote.

  7. Thank you everyone. All your votes have been counted. Easter Monday we will find out who wins and how much money a mason jar holds.

  8. AWA !!! What a great idea Joey!

  9. I vote for AWA! What a sweet thing you are doing! BIG (((HUGS)))) for your BIG HEART! =D

  10. I vote AWA cause I love animals of all kinds and saving a animal gives another person chance for happiness