Wednesday, March 5, 2014

More Pictures Than Words

  That is right I have more pictures than words today. Monday was a snow day with the birds and I have been on pins and needles waiting for today to share them with you.
  I started shooting out the back door with my long lens on my make shift tripod. I was very happy with all my back yard visitors.

 Snow and rain days are the best time to catch some of the more shy birds that normally hit and run so fast I can't catch them. Like the Chick A Dee you see sitting there almost hiding on the feeder.

 A prize picture for me. Not only did I finally get a picture of the little bugger it was a pretty good one. After that the back yard feeder slowed down and I still wanted to take pictures with out going out in the freezing cold so I set my make shift tripod up in the living room left the long lens on to see what I could get.

 Happy am I that I didn't change the lens or I would have never gotten this sweet plumped up fella sitting in a tree just out of range of my short lens.

 Could someone please tell me what kind of bird this is I can't find it in my books and Mom who knows most birds can't place it either.

 For those of you that think winter will never end. Look at the little yellow spots coming out on the finches. Another month and they will be full bloom yellow. For now though the little specks of yellow on the Finches and the Robin eating berries a little farther out in my front yard are sure signs spring is on its way.

 This picture is my pride and joy. I really don't think I even have to say why.

   Tuesday dawned bright clear and frigid cold,what better to do than search out a little spring. With Bill having the day off that is exactly what we did. We went to the Philadelphia Flower Show. All I kept saying was were are the flower gardens. Normally they have full size walk through gardens not this year, this year it was more about art and the full size gardens were scaled down to shadow boxes.

 I did find flowers and a few large gardens just not many.

 The flower show has always been a challenge for taking pictures at least for me and this year was no different unless it was even harder. Yes I said harder because now I'm figuring out lighting, white balance, and histograms, not to mention the people. Still for me it is a great source of pleasure. Here are some of my favorite sites in the show. 

 This lovely table was done by Bill's cousin and it won 2nd prize in the flower show. 

Yep that is a real live frog, not sure why it was at the flower show but I was there one year and they had wolves in the show.

  " What Was Dinner"? Remember the stuffed cabbage? Well I realized I never shared that dinner with you and I really wanted to because while it isn't the traditional Polish Gulumki   Sorry about that spelling I really have no idea. Any way it isn't the traditional recipe but it is still very tasty. A few reviewers low balled this dish for it's blandness. Well stuffed cabbage can be bland it is after all rice, ground meat, cabbage and tomatoes. I however didn't find this recipe to be bland at all.

 I did use the homemade soup that I had made earlier in the week and it was garlicky so a little added flavor there and I seasoned the meat mixture well with salt pepper and garlic powder, I really don't like bland food so I season as I cook even if the recipe doesn't call for it. As long as I had homemade soup on hand I would make this recipe again for sure.
Stuffed Cabbage
     Have a happy Wednesday! Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Love your nature photos! And that stuffed cabbage looks delicious!

  2. Thank you, the cabbage was very enjoyable. I like stuffed grape leaves as well and this recipe I think would go well with that too.