Friday, March 7, 2014

Good Friday Morning to you!

   It is Friday morning March 7th spring is now officially around the corner. Well at least that is what the calendar says any way. Well I am finally at last tired of the snow, and cold I am so over it that all I can say is " Come on Spring Bring it !
   Last month to keep boredom at bay I organized a little food challenge. There were to be no winners, or rules except your ingredient had to be in the recipe. The challenge was to pick 1 ingredient and make as many faceless recipes with the ingredient in it as you can. Photo, rate review and share. 8 of us played along and we pinned 23 recipes to the board. I shared my recipes with my readers as I went along.Today I am going to highlight my favorites and few favorites from what others added to the board. It was a great deal of fun from my point of view and did indeed help pass the time during all the many wonderful snow storms. 
   For me I had 2 favorites and Mom had 1. I really liked Bobbies Spaghetti sauce. It was a rich hearty stick to your ribs meat sauce. The Balsamic vinegar is a surprisingly  good twist in the recipe and the author achieved what they were after in a pasta sauce that is a little less tomato in flavor.
Bobbies pasta sauce
    The Chickpeas, spinach, tomato combination over pasta in my humble opinion was the recipe find of the year. Everyone in my house liked it. To me it seems this will be the perfect summer pasta dish as well as a good pot luck dish. Vegetarian and meat eaters alike will enjoy this one.
Chickpeas and pasta
    Mom loved the Mild mannered chili. There was no heat what so ever in this recipe but all the other delicious flavors are still there. Mom asked for seconds, a rarity beyond words and asked for it again the next day for lunch. For me this is a builder recipe because so many other good flavors with no heat like onion, garlic, and bell pepper, are just begging to be added.
well behaved chili
     Here is the most unusual recipe for an ingredient. I would never think to make basil into a drink. However the photo on the recipe is beautiful enough to tempt you into trying it.
basil limeade
    I loved the name on this recipe, If the name is not enough to get you to try it.Rebekah's photo and description certainly will entice you.
Gunk on noodles
    The tastiest looking recipe and this was a hard pick because so many looked sooooo good, in the end I picked this one because every time I looked at it I wanted to reach in the monitor  and grab it. Pork sliders are becoming popular and I can see why. After I read the reviews I still stuck to my pick because the picture is absolutely mouth watering.
pulled pork
    The most handsome recipe hands down goes to this recipe. I am not a big sandwich eater I like to use a fork and knife. Believe me I would be bellying up to the bar for this sandwich. It looks like an explosion of goodness is about to happen in your mouth when you take a bite.
Croissant Club Sandwich
     The prettiest dish goes to this recipe. Not sure if the fiesta ware plate it is sitting on or the chickpeas themselves won me over. All I know is when I look at this one the first thought that comes to mind is aw how pretty, and then yes I want to eat that.
Chana Masala
    Tastiest ingredient, well they all look tasty but I need to pick and I picked rhubarb. I think rhubarb has an over abundance of bitter sweet flavor. Scalloped rhubarb intriguing enough to get me to go look at the very least.
scalloped rhubarb
    And last but not least the sweetest dish has to go to the Chocolate chip cookie recipe. Who doesn't love a good chocolate chip cookie? With a name like zippy chocolate chip cookie there is no resisting this recipe must be made.
Zippy Chocolate Chip Cookies
     I have a few causes that are near and dear to my heart, but none as near and dear as this one. THE ANIMAL WELFARE ASSOCIATION.
 The work they do is selfless and so so important. So they always need all the help they can get and they do look for fun and interactive ways to get the help they need. There is an event coming up in May and I would Love Love to have a group of people walking with me.

 May is always a beautiful time of year to be walking. So check it out and think about coming out and walking with me.
 On the same subject of the AWA I was there the other day and met a dog named Chevy.

 With all my heart and soul I want to bring Chevy home. He is the most gentle dog I have ever come across. Sensitive and pretty easy going I can just see him thinking he is a lap dog and doing his best to curl up on your lap yet not quite making it. I said I would LOVE to bring Chevy home, well as much as I would love to give Chevy a home my dear husband would LOVE to stay a 2 dog house. As much as Bill loves me if I insisted Chevy would be home with me. Problem with that is it just isn't fair to Bill or Chevy. So I will regrettably step back and hope someone gives this loving boy a home soon.

  With all the food above I am sure "What Was Dinner" won't  be missed today. Have fun checking out all the recipe links I shared with you today and happy cooking to you.
    TGIF to everyone! Thank you for stopping by.
  Good Saturday Morning I am happy to say Chevy went to a loving forever home yesterday afternoon. I am all smiles and happy for him and just a little sad for me. If you were thinking of going and checking out Chevy today still go you never know what may happen.

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