Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Morning

 A good time was had by all on Saturday night. If my pictures weren't so blurry you would be able to see for your self. Not a single picture turned out good. With the settings I needed to use in the restaurant the shutter was so slow I couldn't hold still and the people I was picturing wouldn't hold still long enough for the camera to do it's work. As soon as they saw my finger press down a head would turn an arm would move or I would get shaky.

 A tripod would have helped but I really didn't want to set up like that and some of my guest were already kvetching about my taking pictures, mostly my son.

 There was very little room to move so a tripod would have been in the way but that is what I needed.  
  Thanks to a group I am in on face book I found a handy dandy just what I needed tool on my camera and I think when it comes to lighting at least I may just start improving. I am not sure what to call it but I think of it as a light meter. One person the person that made me aware there was something like this on my camera called it a histogram. What ever you call it. I tried using it today and I was impressed with the results.


 There is a big difference in the photos I shot before I found my new best friend and after.
   Sunday was bright beautiful and oh so warm. A real teaser knowing that on Monday the polar vortex was coming back. We made the most of it. Bill and Tom worked with Bees, and stacked wood. Mostly they all just hung out together enjoying the day and continuing to celebrate Bill's birthday.

 I went shopping, played with my camera and made tomato soup for the first time ever. Mom worked on her blanket of every color and relaxed in her chair.

 When the guys asked if she wanted to go out she flat out said " NO I have been out enough this week" We all stifled a laugh and smiled instead. It is nice to know she is content and satisfied.
    " What Was Dinner "?  Last night we had steaks on the grill with sweet potatoes and a salad. No fuss no muss and very good. every thing was cooked on the grill except the salad and still my kitchen is a mess. Not sure how that happens but it happens all the time I clean the kitchen spotless walk out the kitchen door, and when I walk back in it isn't spotless anymore. I guess you would call that living.
  I made one tomato recipe yesterday and that was the soup you were looking at a few paragraphs up.
Tomato Soup
 This recipe is pretty versatile and can be made into a very good red sauce as well as a soup. Just omit the cream and don't blend it and it is a sauce. I gave it a 4 star rating because as a soup I liked it. As a sauce I liked it a lot more in fact I almost loved it.
   I hope you have a happy Monday. Thanks for stopping by.

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