Saturday, February 22, 2014

Good Morning

  Sorry about missing yesterday, I wasn't goofing off really. I was indeed busy putting together a food challenge, taking Mom cloths shopping and trying not to get blown away by the heavy winds we had yesterday.
    Instead of going myself and getting Mom some cloths I thought she is doing so much better that I would take her and let her pick out her own cloths. She enjoyed herself whole heartily, she walked around the whole store. Dress barn is the perfect size store for her. She proudly told any body and everybody as she walked through the plus sizes " I use to have to shop in this section but not any more". For Mom it was a red letter day because for the first time in over 60 years Mom didn't have to visit the plus size section. I didn't really realize it when I took her shopping that it was such a big occasion, well let me tell you it was. The look of pride on her face when she came out of the dressing room just said it all and was worth every penny we spent.

 Once we got home Mom was a sleep in her chair with in minutes of sitting down. For her shopping is hard work and she was tired but the smile while she napped says she enjoyed it.
  The food challenge is an idea I came up with to amuse myself and a few foodie friends while we wait for the All Star program to start back up again. We have been on hiatus for a little bit now and our fingers are itching to do some assigned cooking. I know that may sound a little crazy but my food friends they understand. Anyway the challenge is to pick 1 ingredient and find as many faceless recipes with that ingredient in it as you can and make them, rate them, and photograph them, and lastly share the results with everyone. Me I picked tomatoes because of the abundance of them sitting on my counter threatening to go bad not to mention 2 yes 2 shelves in my pantry that are supporting cans of tomatoes. Not the little one either oh no we are Costco shoppers so you know the bigger the better. We have from yesterday at dinner until March 1 st at dinner to accomplish this mission. There are about 11 of us so far that have accepted this mission and the pinterest board already has some good looking pins. Avocado is on the list, ground beef, pork, and chickpeas are also some of the ingredients that have been chosen  for this challenge oh and I do believe rhubarb is going to make an appearance as well. I really think the end results are going to be interesting to say the least. Here is the link to the pinterest board if you would like to follow along.

   Of the 2 recipes I made with tomatoes yesterday 1 is going to be "What was dinner"? and the other was hmmm that looks interesting lets just give it a try. It was interesting and I am glad I cut the recipe in half because as is no one is going to finish it. With some tweaking it is a good recipe and nice idea.
Unstuffed Tomatoes
  "What Was Dinner"? Dinner was delicious, plan and simple so easy to make with very good flavors that all blend together perfectly. I have never been to Italy but I could imagine getting this dish in any cafe or restaurant there. This recipe doesn't just go in my recipe box it goes in my rotation and we will be eating this one often. When summer comes with the fresh grown tomatoes and spinach I highly doubt I will make red sauce the entire season.
Pasta with Spinach and Chickpeas
 Good all year round I just know this is going to be the perfect summer pasta. 
   Tonight we are going out to Prospectors to celebrate with friends and family Bills up coming 52nd birthday and to continue Mom's 88 birthday. Bill calls it the dead of winter party. I call it party on the patio because that is where we will be out on the patio. It is closed in and heated and feels a little less like a big bar and restaurant just a little more private feeling. As much as private parties are nice I just could not bring myself to do all the work involved with a large dinner party. This way all I have to do is show up.
   I hope you weekend is sunny bright and warm. Thank you for stopping by.

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