Sunday, January 26, 2014

Keeping Warm and Eating Well

   Sorry about the sporadic posting it seems the hardest part of putting together this blog is finding the time. I use to always write my blog before work. I would get up 3 hours early and get it done. Now no matter when I get up I don't seem to be able find a 2 hour space of time that is mine undisturbed. No worries I will figure this out and be up and running regularly before we know it. 
     Walking for the past week except my snow day walks has been in the Cherry Hill mall. Much warmer and safer then walking out side right now. The ice and the snow make walking outside tricky and with the large malls we have that open 3 hours before the stores open there is just no need in risking life and limbs. I can see indoor walking being the norm for at least another month until we have a good thawing out.
   Staying in doesn't make for a lot photo opportunities so today I figure I could step back in time a few months and write a blog I had planned back then and didn't get to.
  It has been very very very cold this winter more so then usual but not in my house. Let me show you why. 
   Bill and his buddies spend as much free time as possible collecting and then splitting wood.

 Once the wood is split the piles upon piles of wood is gathered and neatly stacked in the shed and next to the shed.

This activity goes on spring, summer,and fall so that come winter there is plenty of wood to fuel the wood stove. The wood stove is so effective that we hardly ever hear the heater come on and we spend most of our time in shorts. There are days we even need to open the window.
    "What Was Dinner"?  Lately dinner has been the luck of the draw and I have been shooting from the hip in a manner of speaking. Last night was no different so there were no photos of my lovely grilled strip steak that came wrapped in brown butcher paper. A friend that was visiting kept opening my fridge because he said the paper wrapped meat just looked so sexy. I seasoned the steaks with a simple combination of salt, pepper, and garlic powder. To go with the steak was baked potatoes and Brussels sprouts done our favorite way. There is no recipe to link to and I never seem to get a picture but I will share my recipe with you here.
  Brussels sprouts trimmed and cut in half
 the zest of 1 orange
orange infused olive oil
melted butter ( optional )
  Steam the Brussels sprouts and orange zest until sprouts are tender.
 Mix together oil and honey. In a med large bowl combine sprouts and honey mixture toss until the sprouts are completely covered.
  Arrange the sprouts cut side down on a parchment  lined baking pan. If you wish brush sprouts with melted butter. ( I do and I don't and it makes little or no difference to the browning of the sprouts.) Place pan in a 400 preheated oven and cook until the sprouts start to brown about 10 minutes.
 I don't measure, I adjust the amounts depending on the amount of sprouts and the taste. Orange juice and honey should also work if you can't find orange infused oil.
     It seems I do have a photo of the sprouts. This picture was taken in 2012 and the recipe has evolved from then. I did post a recipe for this and it had no oil or honey in it and I added fennel seed to it. I need to update that recipe just a little I think.
  I don't want to leave you with no food fotos to drool over so I thought I'd once again step back in time and share a few recipes I tried at least once if not more.
   This is a wonderful recipe I rated it a 5 and would have gone higher if I could. Dinner that night was so good we ate hearty that night I served this with a crusty bread and salad. This dish is perfect for a cold winter night. Delicious traditional Hungarian Goulash.
Hungarian Goulash

   Looking for something different to add to your Super Bowl party table. This recipe will have everyone high 5ing you for a job well done. A simple easy recipe that is full of flavor and compliments so many other dishes.
Tropical Baked Beans

    I hope your Sunday was Sunny and bright. Thank you for stopping by.

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