Sunday, January 12, 2014

Another Rainy Day!

Yep another yucky rainy day yesterday, that didn't mean I was bored however or just sitting on the couch. I did my chores made it to the post office before it closed and then I got busy and started playing with my camera again.
   One group or another that I dish in is always posting the most amazing photos of what are called table scapes. It is more of a challenge then you might think. You have to figure out how to dress the table before you even start taking pictures, in my case that means setting up the card table and for this project I chose the kitchen for better light.Picture if you will a table in the middle of the room with only room enough to walk around on all sides all dressed up for a romantic dinner except there was no food. My husband and his friends looked at me like I was crazy. That didn't stop me  I spent the better part of my afternoon trying to capture the perfect table scape. My first shooting session showed me I need to learn how to use my LED lighting better also I need another tripod for the light to give me more options. I was so happy I hadn't already taken the table down before looking at my photos. I went back into the kitchen and tried again to take the perfect picture. The results were much better really much better, but still when I look at other photos and then look at mine I feel like I am missing something. Not sure what but there is something I need to learn, something I am not seeing. I will figure it out I am sure and I am sure I will enjoy figuring it out.
 2 of the better shots. All of my first attempts were so over exposed or lighted that you almost go blind to look at them. 

 I certainly enjoyed my self yesterday just me, my camera, and a subject I love. Digital cameras one of the best inventions ever.
 "What was dinner last night"? Last night I tried 2 recipes and both where very good, somehow I managed to not take a picture of the carrots I will be sharing  recipe with you any way. My table was so bright and colorful last night and somehow I missed capturing that table scape. Recipe # 1 was French chicken with Escarole, I was a little slow in understanding this recipe and when I finally caught on I felt .... well blonde. French toast... French Chicken  Duh I almost didn't make this recipe because I didn't understand why the poster left off the bread crumb step. Very glad I figured it out and made the recipe. A nice way to serve chicken. The only thing I did different was that after adding the wine I put it in the oven to finish cooking.
French Chicken with Escarole

 Recipe # 2 was Easy baked carrots. As the title says they were easy. Easy to prepare, easy to look at and even easier to eat. I substituted honey for the sugar other then that I followed the recipe as written. This will dress up any table, be it holiday, dinner party, or Tuesday night dinner.
Quick and Easy Baked Carrots

 I served these 2 wonderful dishes with rice. As I said my table was so pretty last night for dinner with all that delicious color.
   Well I have Sunday dinner to get ready for and  pictures to take. Have a happy Sunday and thank you for stopping by.

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