Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A frenzy of Faceless Recipes and Friend All Around The USA

This past weekend I participated in what is called a faceless frenzy. What is that you ask? Well it is where you shop, clean, cook,clean, take photos then cook clean and photo some more until you drop or midnight comes. The food you invite a lot of people over to eat it and the photos you add to the recipes you used. Now those recipes have a face and you can relax. Well you would think so but no you can't relax because there are thousands of recipes out there with out a face and for me this is not a hobby but an addiction, so even when there is no frenzy going on I am always on the search for faceless recipes to save. You may ask what is the big deal about a photo on a recipe? Well if your a recipe user you know a photo makes the recipe some much easier to use, not mention giving it a much better curb appeal. I am not alone in my strange addiction there are men and woman all across this country that like me look for the one with out a face. When we do a recipe search we pass by every recipe with a photo looking for just what we need, the right recipe with a blank square in the upper left corner.
   Over 30 people this weekend gathered together on the computer and in a frenzy of cooking cleaning and even a little chatting put a face on well over 300 recipes. Some managed 1 or 2 and some manage an amazing number like 30. It was so much fun to be a part of this. There is no prize, you don't get paid but in the end when all is said and done the smile on your face and the contentment you feel is more then enough.   A frenzy is just as interesting to watch as to participate. The pinterest board filling up fast and furious, sometimes so fast the counter on that site can't keep up.  On Allrecipes
 the photos are just about flying in. 5 an 6 pages of photos at the end of each day of the frenzy. Very impressive. All the more impressive because there is not a bad photo in the bunch. Winners each and everyone of them.
  I am not going to talk about the recipes I made.  Most every recipe I tried was very good, not all of them but most, as I said I am not going to talk about the recipes I faced instead I am going to give you the link to the pinterest board that we pinned all that food to and let you see for yourself all the goodness that went on this weekend. ***** WARNING ******  If you go looking at that board bring a napkin and may be a snack because you will be hungry before your done, as well as impressed.
  I am going to share one photo here that is not on the board but I think it is an important picture in the story of this frenzy.
My kitchen at the end of the frenzy. I am still pulling my kitchen back into order and it is 2 days later.
  Now for the link to the pinterest board. Go and enjoy you will find links to every recipe on that  board and if your a pinner have fun and pin away.
Faceless Frenzy Photos

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