Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 1 for the Visitors

It rained yesterday. At times so hard you could not see across the street. The weather was so nasty you really didn't want to go out side even for a ride. So my house was the tour destination of the day. A quick trip to Walmart later in the afternoon will be the highlight of the day. 
    House bound doesn't mean bored, there's lots to  talk about and laugh about so the day passed quickly and before you knew it it was dinner time. It was fun fixing dinner with Julie, dinner was ready in no time flat and it was Gooood . Chicken legs breaded in oatmeal and baked with corn on the cob, baked beans, and a nice tossed salad. There was very little talking going on at that table. It is kind of hard to hold a conversation around forks full of food.
After some more conversation and Mom modeling her new dress we called it a night. Joe and Julie made there way back to there hotel after lots of hugs and kisses and the wish for better weather and a plan to visit Valley Forge the next day rain or shine.
Today has dawned with the sun shinning and the birds singing, it is looking like a good day to take a ride.

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  1. :-) Family time is definitely the best time! I love waking up to rainy days, there's something magical about being housebound and cozy while it storms outside.